ALPHA CAMP Folding Oversized Camping Chair Review

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Camping chairs come in various sizes and shapes, and a popular choice is oversized camping chairs. The chairs provide excellent seating space and comfort that anyone can enjoy while out on a hiking, camping trip. 

alpha camp oversized chair

There are countless choices in the category; however, the ALPHA CAMP camping chairs are notable. The oversized chair from this brand is an excellent product that will offer you performance, comfort, and other features. 

Summary – Verdict

Our Rating: 92%

ALPHA CAMP Portable Folding Oversized Camping Chairs with Cup Holder and Cooler Bag - Heavy Duty...
  • Large Size: Oversized Camping Folding Chair Size is 64x100x100cm, Weight is 6kg....
  • Extra Storage Spaces: Armrest with a durable mesh cup holder makes your hands...
  • Maximum Loading: With hammer tone powder coating prevents corrosion and fading....


  • Oversized design that offers extra seating space for the user
  • The weight of the chair is around 6 kg which makes it easier to carry
  • The dimensions of the chair allow the user to carry it with the luggage easily
  • Contains a durable cup holder made of mesh and a cooler bag. You won’t have to worry about your drink spilling anymore with it
  • The frame contains alloy steel making it durable for sustaining the harsh outer weather conditions
  • Features an armrest and a resilient mesh cup holder, which allows you to relax completely 
  • The portable design of the chair allows the user to store it or set it up when required easily
  • The fabric of the chair is 600x 300D padded oxford fabric which provides maximum comfort 


  • The design might be too big for some users

Key Features

  • Oversized camping chair design
  • The chair dimensions are 64x100x100cm
  • Weight of the chair:- 6 kg
  • The seat is padded with 600x 300D oxford fabric 
  • The chair also provides extra storage space 
  • The maximum load-bearing capacity of the chair is 200 kg (450 lbs.) 
  • The frame of the chair is made of alloy steel
  • Portable and easy storage design
  • The chair provides a multi-usage option

Detailed Review

ALPHA CAMP portable camping chair is one of the best choices in the category. It provides countless benefits to the user, which means that it is a chair that prioritizes the comfort level and functionality. It has an oversized design which means it has slightly bigger dimensions than a regular camping chair; however, many users prefer it because it is the most comfortable choice. The chair is also extraordinarily well-built and allows you to place it outdoors without the distressing of damaging it easily. 

The dimensions of the chair are 64x100x100cm which is ideal for a product in the category. Furthermore, it only weighs around 6 kg meaning that you won’t have to fear your back being under a lot of strain as you carry it around on the hike. 

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In terms of material, the chair contains high-quality alloy steel in the frame and 600 x 300D padded oxford fabrics, which guarantee comfort and reliability. The stature of the chair is very stable and ensures sustenance in different terrains without effect. Overall, the construction quality of the chair is excellent, and you won’t have to worry much about it.

The Alpha Camp camping chair contains resilient mesh cup holders and a padded armrest, guaranteeing comfort. There is also a cooler bag on the chair, along with a storage package that you can use for keeping your mobile, maps, magazines, or other essentials. 

 The chair frame contains hammer tone powder coating that presents corrosion, which is essential since you are most likely going to use the chair outwards. There are four heavy-duty frames of alloy steel at the chair’s bottom that provide stability and sturdiness. The robust construction allows it to support up to 450 lbs (200 kgs) while also guaranteeing durability

The chair has a portable design that you easily be stored without much hassle. The folding size of the chair is 9.05” x 38.58” only as you can easily convert it when you want. Furthermore, the assembly of the chair is another thing that doesn’t require any tool or involve complications.

What Users Say

ALPHA CAMP folding camping chair is the choice of countless customers as they all appreciate and seek various features of it.

A user appreciates the size of the chair and labels it the best camping chair he has owned after trying several choices. “I have had issues fitting into other standard camping chairs previously, and when I saw this one with larger dimensions and higher weight-bearing capacity, I went for it. It arrived within 2 days, and it folded out painlessly into what I would rate a luxury seat.” 

Another user calls it the “rolls Royce of camping chairs,” his exact words state, “If you are would like a high-quality, smart, heavy-duty camping chair that is capable of supporting up to 204kg, get yourself this camping chair.”

A buyer has also written that the chair, i.e., ideal for people with athletic injuries to the back and hip. She states, “This chair was purchased for my son, who is a very well built ex-Rugby Player, while playing so many games over many years he had many injuries, especially to his hips and legs. The design of this chair enables him to be in a chair that is comfortable at all times.


Does the chair come in a pack of 2?

No, the chair is heavy duty and only comes in a single piece

Does this chair have a carry bag?

Yes, the chair comes with a carry bag for making the portability better and easier

What is the height of the chair from the ground?

The height of the chair from the ground is around 18.”


The ALPHA CAMP Portable Folding Oversized Camping Chairs is a big chair that is suitable for people who would love to have some extra seating space available. Overall, the quality of the product is fantastic, allowing you to manage your essentials easily while sitting on it. 

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