Best Camping Bed for Couples

Getting an excellent peaceful sleep at night is essential for all couples camping together to enjoy quality time outdoors. That is why having a camping bed for couples will make your dream camping trip a reality. No matter if you are a backpacker or prefer car camping, there is a camping mattress for every situation. Let’s have a look at the best camping beds for couples.

Types of Camping Beds

There are three basic types of couple camping mattresses that you’ll see in the market.

Air Bed or Mattress

The double camping mattress has to be inflated with an air pump after rolling out. Mattress uses air to support sleeper’s weight between ground and bed surface. A two-person airbed is a good option for couples as it packs lightweight and offers excellent comfort. Plus, the two air chambers provide individual comfort control and allows each sleeper independent firmness. An advantage of an air bed for couples is that each partner can inflate according to their comfort preference; soft, firm, plush. Cushioning can be customized by pumping required air. However, they lack in providing thermal insulation from the ground as compared to self-inflating sleep mats. 

Folding Camping Bed

Another choice of camping bed for couples is the folding double bed. It’s a foldaway double bed with aluminium or steel alloy frame that’s sturdy and durable. Polyester, nylon, or any other comfortable fabric is stretched across the frame. It’s great for partners who sleep on their backs and doesn’t stretch out much. Also, getting in and out of the folding camp bed is super easy without putting pressure on your knees or joints. Some might need a separate mat or mattress on top of the folding bed to enhance comfort as camp bed fabric isn’t padded. Although light in weight, the foldaway bed is not great for backpacking, it’s best suitable for car camping.

Self-Inflating Sleep Mat

Couples who want an easy-to-carry and quick set sleep bed need a self-inflating sleep mat. This type of sleep mat is prevalent among campers, backpackers, and hikers because of its ease of use and carrying. Sleep mat contains insulating foam layer inside that’s deflated and rolled in a bag. Foam quickly self-inflates to the original width using the surrounding air when the operation valve is opened. These sleep mats are available in single, double, and grand size. Being thermally insulated makes them ideal for couples who prefer to sleep on the ground under a tent during an outdoor camping trip.

A couple is sleeping in a camping bed

Best Camping Bed for Couples

Active Era King Size Double Queen Air Bed

Unlike traditional air beds, Active Era features 6 I-Beams to provide ultimate comfort, durability, and support.


  • Quick 3-min inflation
  • enhanced support
  • Built-in pillow and air pump
  • Soft waterproof flock
  • Travel bag included


  • No insulation

Detailed Review

The Active Era Air bed is a must-have for any vacation or outdoor adventure. Thanks to the large 203cm x 152cm x 56cm inflated size, this King air bed is perfect for couples. It stimulates the similar feel of a real mattress with a soft 0.6mm multi-layered flock that offers bed-like comfort during any outdoor adventure. Plus, the thick soft-to-touch flock is waterproof, durable, and puncture-resistant. Unlike traditional air beds, Active Era features 6 I-Beams to provide ultimate comfort, durability, and support.

This ergonomically designed air bed with innovative comfort technology and luxury support internal structure offers full-body support from head to toe. Plus, the raised 56cm height and an integrated pillow follow sleepers’ spine and neck curvature to provide unrivalled comfort throughout the night.

Setting up the mattress is simple and easy! It comes with an easy-to-use integrated electric pump that inflates to full firmness in less than 3 minutes. On the other hand, the mattress automatically deflates with just a tap of a switch. Besides, it accompanies you while you travel, as it packs up easily when folded in a carry bag provided for easy transportation. Users appreciate that Active Era air bed it stays in place while offering fantastic comfort. This makes it easy to lie down to get up from the air mattress. Moreover, it’s easily accessible to people of all ages. However, some users complain about the air bed being very chilly due to poor insulation. 

Active Era Premium King Size Air Bed

Active Era premium air bed features the new air coil technology with 35+ internal air coils providing superior comfort and spinal support.


  • Air coils internal structure
  • Enhanced spinal support
  • Built-In pump
  • Integrated pillow
  • Quick inflation


  • Poor insulation from the ground

Detailed Review

Another camping mattress for couples from Active Era! This king-size air bed with 152cm x 203cm x 50cm dimensions makes an excellent choice for couples to rest peacefully at night while camping outdoors. Traditional air beds only use air to support body weight. In contrast, Active Era premium air bed features the new air coil technology with 35+ internal air coils providing superior comfort and spinal support. The mattress fully inflates in just 3 minutes, thanks to the electric built-in 50Hz air pump and power cord.

Reviews are satisfied with the fact that one can add or release air via the simple control dial depending on how firm or soft you want a mattress to be. For added comfort and durability, the bed top is fitted with puncture-resistant 15-gauge material and waterproof, comfortable top flock. The large size bed with 48cm raised height offers easy access. Besides, there’s an integrated 3” raised pillow for utmost neck comfort and shoulder support. Moreover, the high-strength PVC bottom prevents slipping of the mattress. This high double bed supports up to 250kgs, making it ideal for two people to share it.

Thanks to the additional manual valve included, the mattress can be manually deflated or inflated when no electricity is available at the campsite. Users love its bed-like feel with quick inflation and deflation ability. However, it’s better to use a quilt or blanket underneath if a couple plans to use it during winter camping.

Hikenture Double Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mattress

Provides exceptional quality and comfort at an affordable price under £100. Designed for two people, it’s relatively warm, lightweight, and durable.


  • 5cm thickness
  • Two valves for quick inflation
  • Lightweight; 3.24lbs
  • Offers insulation
  • space-saving storage and transport


  • No lumbar or head support

Detailed Review

Great sleep shouldn’t break the bank; the Hikenture double inflatable mattress provides exceptional quality and comfort at an affordable price under £100. Designed for two people, it’s relatively warm, lightweight, and durable as compared to other self-inflating beds that are heavy and big to bring on a camping trip. This inflated sleeping mattress offers sprawling comfort for 2 pack backers, hikers, or campers. A length of 79” and 47” width of sleeping mat is wide enough for a couple. Plus, 9.5cm of a thickness not only delivers extra comfort, but it also provides 3.74” clearance off the ground. On the other hand, it packs down small and compact into 35 x 15 x 15 cm size to fit inside a backpack.

What makes it great is the large sleeping surface that has a skin-friendly soft-touch fabric. The mattress uses I-beam technology; it has vertical baffles down the pad, which cradles the sleeper’s body. This provides excellent insulation and comfort for all sleep positions: side, back, or stomach. When it comes to valves and inflation, the Hikenture sleeping mattress is unique. There are two valves on the pad; one is the foot pump that quickly inflates the mattress with hand or foot while the other valve delivers rapid deflation.

Campers love its lightweight yet comfortable design that easily fits into a 2-person tent. Some users don’t like the durable top nylon coating due to stiffness.

Outwell 470047 Posadas Foldaway Double Bed

Combines space-saving design with excellent comfort giving you and your partner exceptional quality sleep during the camp trip.


  • Space-saving storage
  • Easy fold and open
  • Two padded cushions
  • Wide for two people


  • Surface not comfortable compared to an air mattress

Detailed Review

If couples prefer something sturdy and a mattress that raised high above the ground, the Outwell Posadas foldaway bed is the best choice. Easy to put up in seconds, it features durable aluminium-steel frame construction for a secure night’s sleep. The Outwell folding bed combines space-saving design with excellent comfort giving you and your partner exceptional quality sleep during the camp trip. This portable bed offers enough sleeping space of 132cm x 192cm x 45cm for a couple. Stretched fabric made of 100% polyester is comfortable to sleep on. For more support and comfort, the foldaway bed comes with two padded grey cushions, so you rest comfortably throughout the trip.

With the help of a high-strength durable steel frame, the double bed can easily handle the weight load of 500Kg. Moreover, it offers excellent seating of 45cm from the ground to allow sleepers to get in and out of bed with ease. No more lying down on the ground or bugs attacking you!

The sturdy frame isn’t so heavy and difficult to carry, as the bed weighs about 13.5kg. Plus, it folds up to 20 x 27 x 97 cm size for space-saving storage when not in use. Although the good reviews about Outwell folding bed being stable and comfortable, some users prefer using a sleeping mat on top of it to combat cold and for extra comfort.

Outwell Dreamcatcher Double 10.0cm

A double self-inflating mattress that is not only lightweight to carry but also provides full-body support for two people.


  • Self-inflating
  • 10cm thick foam
  • Insulated
  • Comfortable
  • Small pack size


  • Slow deflation

Detailed Review

Weight matters a lot when a couple goes for backpacking or camping trip, but this doesn’t mean to sacrifice comfort or sleep. The Outwell Dreamcatcher is a double self-inflating mattress that is not only lightweight to carry but also provides full-body support for two people. This sleeping pad uses a single valve to inflate or deflate it on its own quickly. No need for an electric or air pump, the mattress self-inflates to a 10cm thickness. The Outwell double pad with 195cm length and 130cm width offers plenty of sleeping space for a couple. Moreover, it protected by a durable 20 denier nylon shell. The thick insulated foam inside minimizes heat loss and provides an R-value of 3. Not only comfortable but also a warm mat to sleep on!

Weighing just 5.9kg and equipped with its carry sack and shoulder strap, it’s ideal for trekking and all other outdoor camping adventures as it makes a minimal impact on your backpack. So campers wake up feeling rested, recharged, and ready to hit the trail. The Dreamcatcher double sleeping mat is a popular choice among campers and backpackers because of quick self-inflation, comfort, insulation, and easy-rolling away.

Vango Odyssey 7.5 Double Self Inflating Sleep Mat

The hammer paint-coated steel frame supports up to 330lbs. Plus, the total height of 100cm is also ideal for tall individuals.


  • 10cm foam depth
  • Cyclone valve
  • Carry Bag
  • Anti-slip polyester base


  • Fabric prone to puncture

Detailed Review

The Vango Odyssey self-inflating sleep mat is a great choice when it comes to a double camping bed for couples. The 200cm mat length and 76cm width with a warmth rating of 16ₒ C provide ample space to 2 people to sleep comfortably without any trouble. Besides, the 10cm insulating foam offers the right amount of support and comfort one needs to rest peacefully at night during a camping trip. This thick fill mat helps low convective heat loss for a warmer and supportive night’s sleep.
All you have to do it roll out the mat and let it inflate on its own!

The Vango sleep mat comes with an easy operation cyclone valve that allows fast and easy inflation and deflation in a few minutes. When fully inflated, one can set the firmness by letting some air to be pulled out or in depending on your comfort. The valve securely locks when in use or not in use.

The Vango double sleep mat features Epsom green brushed fabric on top that delivers warm to touch, nice soft finish, and comfortable surface to sleep. On the base layer, it has a robust polyester finish that holds a sleeping mat in place. The mat comes with two compression straps to keep it in place during storage in a carry bag. Although large to accommodate two sleepers, the mat weighs only 6.6kg

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before a couple buys a camping mattress, there are few things to consider as camping beds are crucial to get a good night’s rest. When choosing a camping mattress for couples, you need to think about the following factors:


Mattress size is most important, the camping beds or mattresses are available in single, double, and king sizes. Make sure there’s plenty of room for both sleepers to sleep on their back, side, or stomach without disturbing their partner. Plus, the mattress should be large and wide enough to accommodate two people comfortably. It also depends on the tent size you have; a smaller tent size doesn’t fit a double sleeping mattress.


The inflation method is also an important consideration to make. Camping mattresses that inflate manually using a hand or foot pump are great for car camping or when there’s no availability of electricity. Though bulky and less portable than self-inflating pads, these mattresses offer extra cushioning and comfort. If you have access to power on the campsite, mattresses with built-in eclectic air pumps are convenient choice due to quick inflation and deflation. They offer a sleeping experience very similar to a regular home-like mattress.

For serious camper couples who prefer to carry sleeping gear in their backs, then self-inflating sleep pads are the most suitable choice. Thick and comfortable while still being lightweight to carry, most sleeping pads are packable to the size of a water bottle. However, they are a bit pricier than air mattresses.


Most camping bed manufacturers use a number called R-value to gauge how well their sleeping mats resist heat transfer from your body into the ground. Sleeping pads come in a wide range of insulation options. Higher the R-value, more insulation a sleeping mat offers.

R-value of 1 is for summer use, and most foldaway camping beds fall under this category. The foam-filled pads or mattress comes with stacked layers of triangular baffles design or thermo-capture technology to offer enough warmth during the night. An R-value of 2-4 is perfect for all of your 3 season camping adventures. However, if a couple plans to camp during extreme cold, it’s better to go for a sleeping mattress with an R-value of 6 to enjoy cold-weather adventures.

Fabric material 

You need to keep an eye out for sticks, rocks, bushes, or any other sharp objects outdoors as an air mattress or self-inflating pads are easy to puncture. Look for a mattress that only features a soft, comfy top and durable base but also a puncture-resistant thick fabric. Plus, some camping mattresses come with a patch kit to repair easily on the spot.

Some air mattress or sleeping mat material can be crinkly that might make a sound when an asleep partner moves a bit or changes side. Keep this in mind if you or your camp fellow is easily disturbed by a slight wobble or noise.


A quieter, warmer, and supportive sleep is what every camper needs to wake up energized the next day. Now, couples don’t have to compromise on a restful sleep during their camping trip as there are many camping beds available for 2-people capacity. Buy a one that suits your sleep and comfort needs!

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