6 Best Camping Chairs with High Back in the UK

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Camping chairs are essential equipment for outdoor trips. Regular campers often prefer carrying a high-quality camping chair whenever they head out for a trip as it provides both functionality and comfort.

Best Camping Chairs with high back

As per research, 95% of campers that take a camping chair on a trip mentioned that it revolutionized their experience. However, the levels of comfort vary for each person, and thus if you prefer a high back chair, this is the right place for you. Camping chairs come in various sizes and shapes; thus, you need to choose one that suits your requirement. In the UK, looking for the best high-back camping chair, this article will provide critical insight.

What Makes a Good High Back Camping Chair?

The first thing that you need to consider is what makes an excellent high-back camping chair. You need to look out for numerous things to ensure that you get a valuable product for the money. Here are a few things that you need to notice:

  • Usage

One of the most important things when it comes to high back camping chairs is usage. Although some people use these chairs as patio furniture, if you want to use them solely for camping purposes, you need to consider some crucial factors such as the packed size of the chair shouldn’t be too big; the weight of the chair shouldn’t be too high. 

  • Design

High-back camping chairs come in different sizes and designs. Although some chairs come with a high back design, they could still be different in terms of being two-legged, three-legged, glider or rocker, and more. 

  • Dimensions 

Camping chairs are available in several different dimensions. Therefore, you need to ensure that the chair you use has the right height and size.

  • Frame and Fabric quality

The frame and fabric quality are two essential things to look out for in a camping chair. The structure ensures that your chair is stable and won’t break away after a few uses. The fabric quality ensures that your chairs can sustain all weather conditions along with being comfortable. 

  • Extra accessories

Although not every chair needs to have some accessories on the side, having them isn’t completely bad either. A lot of the buyers specifically look out for these when choosing a camping chair. Therefore, although they don’t contribute to the chair’s quality, it is an aspect that many potential buyers might opt for. 

Furthermore, there are other things like a headrest that many users seek in the chair. A headrest can be the ideal companion for taking the stress off your neck.

Detailed Reviews

We have compiled the following list after researching the best high back chairs in the market. You can go through it and choose the one that suits your requirements.

Helinox Savanna High-back Camping Chair

Helinox Savanna Chair | Ergonomic design and refined style delivering superior comfort and support...
257 Reviews
Helinox Savanna Chair | Ergonomic design and refined style delivering superior comfort and support...
  • Extra high and wide chair for outdoor living, with mesh ventilation panels and...
  • Lightweight chair frame is constructed from advanced proprietary aluminum alloy...
  • Seat and included carry sack (doubles as a pillow) are constructed from durable...


  • Lightweight chair 
  • It comes with a packing bag and only weighs around 4 lbs 3 oz. when packed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and sturdy frame


  • Expensive chair

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Polyester, mesh used in the fabric
  • Aluminium in frame
  • Extra high chair with plenty of space
  • Lightweight design
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 145 kgs
  • Easy Setup
  • Seat height: 45 cm
  • Chair Dimensions: 70W x 112H x 79D cm
  • It weighs around 1.8 kgs
  • It contains a cup holder and pillow

The Helinox Savanna Chair, a High-back camping chair, is a product that will provide comfort and usage. The chair’s design allows the user to use it for both camping purposes and as patio furniture. In addition, it has an extra high back and meshes ventilation panels and a cup holder attached to it on the side, making it the ideal choice for relaxation. 

The chair contains advanced proprietary aluminium alloy in the frame, giving maximum strength and holding 145 kgs. The fabric of the chair includes polyester and mesh. The polyester can also resist harsh weather conditions and Ultraviolet rays while it’s also machine washable. 

You don’t have to spend much time setting the chair up as it has quick assembly. By pulling the internal bungee cord, the poles, you will assemble the bars of the chair. When it’s open, the chair’s dimensions are 70W x 112H x 79D cm, while the height of the seat is around 45 cm.

Finally, the camping chair’s compact design and lightweight properties make it weigh only around 1.8 kgs with a measurement of 15.5 x 16 x 54.5 cm when it is packed. It comes with a five-year warranty so you can use it without worrying.

G4Free Portable High-Back Camping chair

G4Free Lightweight Portable Camping Chair Outdoor Folding Backpacking High Back Camp Lounge Chairs...
1,632 Reviews
G4Free Lightweight Portable Camping Chair Outdoor Folding Backpacking High Back Camp Lounge Chairs...
  • 【ULTRALIGHT and COMPACT】- Weighs only 2.8 lbs. It can fold down into 16*6*5...
  • 【HEAVY DUTY and DURABLE MATERAILS】- This camping chair is made of durable...
  • 【EASY SET-UP and VERSATILITY】- Foldable aluminum pole, fabric and shock-cord...


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The high back design provides a complete resting position
  • Sturdy design
  • It contains high-quality, durable material
  • A robust frame ensures resilience


  • Some users have complained about its assembly

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • 900D Oxford Fabric
  • 7075 Aluminium Alloy frame
  • Light and comfortable design
  • Weighs: 1.26 kgs
  • Weight capacity: 99 kg
  • Folded dimensions: 40.6 x 15.24 x 12.7 cm
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable structure

G4Free Portable Camping chair comes with a beautiful, lightweight design. Its seat contains 900D oxford fabric with a stable and robust frame made of 7075 aluminium alloy. The chair is an absolute fantasy of campers since it is sturdy, durable, and lightweight. It comes with a carrying case that you can use as a side pocket to hold essential items like wallets, cell phones, etc. The camping chair only weighs around 1.26 kg, but it can hold up to 99 kgs.

The chair has a high back design which means that its ergonomic design and the wide backrest seat provide a comfortable sitting experience. The soft and breathable mesh seating also ensures that you get the highest comfort level when sitting on it. 

The chair has a portable design which is essential in such chairs. You can fold it into small pieces, and since it’s compressed, you can put it inside the carrying bag and carry it along with the luggage. 

The chair is also highly versatile as it has stable connections and joins along with well-structured brackets, which are ideal for hikers and backpackers. Overall, the chair has all the characteristics you might desire of a camping chair, from comfort to portability.

XGEAR Leisure Folding High-Back Camping Chair

XGEAR Leisure Folding Camping Chair With Adjustable Lumbar Support High Back Design For Superior...
  • 【Better Support】Back Height is about 60cm. Weight is 6.2kg. Width is 53cm....
  • 【High Quality&Heavy Duty】Chair back and seat made from reinforced 600D...
  • 【Easy Use】Asteri folding camp chair is equipped with a portable carry bag,...


  • The foldable, high-back design makes it extra comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • It contains high-quality material, which increases its longevity
  • Easy to transport


  • Some people demand a neck cushion with it for added support which comes with some other chairs

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Excellent back support
  • Weight: 6.2 kgs
  • Fabric contains 600D oxford 
  • Weight capacity: 136 kg
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality, durable alloy steel frame

XGEAR Leisure Folding camping chair provides all the classic characteristics you might demand of a camping chair, from comfort to luxury. The chair’s back height is around 60 cm, and it weighs approximately 6.2 kgs while its width is 53 cms. The chair is an excellent choice in terms of comfort since it contains a padded headrest, armrest, flexible lumbar cushion, and a durable seat. The chair’s back height is high and comfortable enough to relax your body after a tiring day altogether.

The fabric of the chair provides excellent performance and is tear-proof. The frame of the chair contains heavy-duty tubes of alloy steel. It offers stability and support to the chair. The chair’s robust construction ensures that it can sustain on all terrains. it can support a max weight of around 136 kilograms

Opening and packing the chair into the packing bag that comes with it only takes a few minutes. You don’t have to worry about anything when assembling it during the trip as you won’t need any tools for it. Furthermore, you can also use it on the balcony, as patio furniture, or for BBQ parties.

The XGEAR Leisure high back folding camping chair contains a cup holder to take care of your favourite drink while you relax on it. The chair is an excellent choice for both regular and occasional campers.

Nice C High back Ultralight Folding chair

Nice C Ultralight High Back Folding Camping Chair, Upgrade with Removable Pillow, Side Pocket &...
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Nice Cs high back camping chair is made with an orthopedic...
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Our chair has a portable design that makes it easy for you to...
  • This high back camping chair is made with 7075 aviation grade aluminum and 1000D...


  • The chair is suitable for orthopaedic patients
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Solid and sturdy fabric, frame quality
  • Strong chair with a sturdy structure


  • Some buyers have complaints about the durability of the product in the long term

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Comfortable design
  • Easy portability
  • Mesh and aluminium in construction
  • The chair weighs 3.3 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs (113 kgs)
  • Strong and stable frame structure

The Nice C High back Ultralight Folding chair comes with an attractive high back design suitable for orthopaedic patients. It provides maximum comfort; thus, people with a health condition can use it easily. The chair contains a removable pillow so you can rest both your neck and head conveniently. 

Nice C’s high back camping chair contains 1000D oxford Polyester in fabric and 7075 aviation frame aluminium in its frame. The chair comprises breathable Polyester seats that enhance the airflow and keep you cool during hot climates. It contains side pockets that efficiently store essentials such as snacks, phones, etc. It is a pretty versatile seat as you can take it anywhere during a trip or use it as patio furniture. 

Although the Nice C contains high-quality and durable material in its construction, it is still very lightweight, also weighing around 3.3 lbs. It comes with a carry case which makes it easy to carry anywhere with you. You can assemble and detach the aluminium frame in a single piece easily. Its setup takes a few minutes as you have to adjust the pipe joints inside the poles and then place the seat on the frame.

Timber Ridge High back camping chair


  • Durable chair
  • Foam padded seats for extra comfort 
  • Versatile usage
  • Very easy to assemble and fold


  • Some buyers claim the chair is too hard

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Foldable high back design
  • Weight capacity of 135 kgs
  • Durable Polyester material 
  • Heavy-duty steel frames
  • Padded seat and armrest
  • Easy to assemble and collapse
  • Weight: 5.54 kg

If you are searching for a versatile chair that offers stability and functionality, the Timber Ridge High-back camping chair is an outstanding choice. The chair uses Alloy steel frames and polyester material to provide comfort and endurance. It can support up to 135 kgs while only weighing around 5.54 kgs itself which is a great benefit since you have to carry it during the trips.

The chair seat focuses on comfort and contains foam padded seats and an armrest that you can detach, and a swivel cup holder on the sides. The chair is collapsible and comes with a carry bag which you can use to fold in the dimensions of 30 x 17.8 x 105.79 cm. The chair’s back height is 56 cm while its width is 57 cm, and it contains oversized seating to provide extra space and more ease to the person seated on it. 

You can use the chair for other purposes apart from camping, such as BBQ and backyard parties, fishing, camping, etc.

Trespass High Back Padded Camping Chair

Argos Trespass High Back Padded Camping Chair
  • The Trespass Camping Chair has a sturdy frame and a high, padded back support...
  • A drinks holder leaves you hands-free and the whole thing folds compactly for...
  • Made of polyester with steel frame.


  • Comfortable and sturdy design
  • It offers plenty of space
  • Durable chair
  • Easy to fold and assemble


  • No particular enduring con

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Made with steel frames and polyester 
  • Easy Storage
  • It comes with a carry bag
  • Chair Dimension:- H108xW60xD60cm
  • Max weight capacity:- 100 kgs
  • It comes with a drink holder

The Trespass padded high-back camping chair comes with a reliable and stable frame and high-back support that provides additional comfort. The chair also has a convenient design that allows the user to easily pack it inside the carry bag and carry it during the trip. The folded dimensions of the chair are H105, W12, and D12cm

You don’t need any tools for assembling the chair as it only requires some simple stretching that will let you quickly assemble it. Furthermore, the chair also has a drink-holder that allows you to manage your favorite drink while relaxing. The chair contains a steel frame and polyester, providing resilience and longevity, making it an ideal camping companion for years.

What to Look For In a High Back Camping Chair

If you are looking for a camping chair, there are essential things to consider before you go out to buy it. Most people often mistake these chairs with the regular ones and thus end up purchasing a product that is hard to carry. 

Camping chairs offer a revolutionary experience to the people who use them for the first time. Considering that campers are already short on space when they are out to their favourite spot, a high-quality camping chair comes as a luxury. Thus, it offers functionality and convenience during the camping trip. Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to use it for a camping trip; these chairs can also be helpful during a beach trip or even as patio furniture. 

However, despite it being so important, it’s also important to remember that these chairs are available in several shapes and sizes in the market. In addition, the designs vary with the prices; usually, the higher the chair’s functionality, its price increases accordingly.

So, before you are out there picking a camping chair, you need to remember that all of these chairs aren’t equal in terms of their features and pricing. Furthermore, the requirements of each buyer vary, so what fits your best friend might not be the ideal choice for you. 

The lists we have provided above are some of the best chairs you can find in the market. Nevertheless, when you want to select one of them, you need to consider the following factors. They will allow you to shortlist the choice and thus choose a value chair for the money.

The following are some things that you should watch out for when buying a high-back camping chair. 

The Chair style

One of the most important things is the style of the chair. The chairs can have one of the following styles:

  • Rockers and gliders: suitable for even and stable ground, it contains a pair of kicking and ricking back.
  • Scoop chairs: These chairs don’t contain a distinction between the back and seat.
  • Three-legged chairs: – Similar to camp stools, such chairs also come in a high back design. It usually has a lower weight than regular four-legged chairs.
  • Classic camp chair style: – These are the four-legged chairs with a flat seat and a straight back. The chairs 
  • Suspended chairs: – These chairs might allow you to swing a bit, although you can use them on shaky grounds.

Note that all the chairs above differ in design, so when you are choosing a chair for yourself, always ensure that you choose the right design. It will allow you to enjoy it with a lot more freedom.  


The height of the chair is handy for various purposes. When choosing the size of the chair, you need to ensure that you can easily sit on it and get up without putting in too much effort. A higher camping chair is also helpful for other purposes to use. 

Apart from choosing a chair as per your height, you also need to ensure that it has reasonable ground clearance, so you are far from it. 

Camping chair material

The material is one of the essential things as a high-quality one ensures that your chair offers performance and durability. Camping chairs come in various materials, both in frame and fabric, so you can choose the material you like. 

The camping chair’s body frame and the legs must have material that provides strength, such as aluminium since it also prevents rusting and corrosion. The properties allow the user to take the chairs anywhere, and since nature is unpredictable, you won’t ruin it. 

Second of all, you need to check the fabric in a camping chair. A lot of the chairs contain seats and armrests that have nylon fabric. This fabric offers water-resistance qualities and provides plenty of durabilities. Thus, if you want to increase the longevity of your camping chair, make sure it contains nylon in fabric material. 

Some chairs contain padding, which adds to their comfort. The extra cushion support at the top of a stable and comfortable chair makes it an unmatchable experience. 


Portability in camping chairs is an important feature. Since you will most likely carry a camping chair with other luggage during a trip, it needs to be lightweight, making it convenient for transport. Therefore, a lightweight chair is an ideal choice to carry on the trip.

Although you need to confirm that your chair is rugged and well-padded and at the top of it, it needs to be compact, making it easy to carry around. if your chair comes with a carry case, get a good look at it as well to guarantee that it will be convenient

Ideally, a chair should be portable when it’s packed and has all the features that assist in movability instead of having something that will increase your stress level.

Weight and weight capacity

The last thing you want is a heavy camping chair. Ideally, the weight of the chair should be between 5 to 13 pounds. Usually, when you carry luggage with essentials during a camping trip, it puts your back under a lot of stress, mainly when you move through different terrains. If your camping chair is too heavy, it will put more burden on your back; thus, it might result in a backache. So, it’s essential to keep the weight low to enjoy the trip without suffering any health concerns.

The weight capacity of the chair ensures it will support your body weight. Each chair cannot hold a similar weight; thus, always check the weight capacity before buying it. Typically, a camping chair can hold somewhere between 225 pounds to 500 pounds. Although, the ability can vary among different models

Additional features

If you don’t want a chair with a minimalist design and simple features and instead would like to have a chair with some extra features, you can look for things such as:

  • Pockets for storage
  • Wheels 
  • Canopies
  • Neck rest
  • Head Pads
  • Removable footrest

Although these features might increase the weight, they will also provide luxury.


Getting a high back camping chair means that you want something that allows you to release the stress from your back after a long tiring day of hiking. Therefore, you must choose a chair while considering all the factors listed above. It will allow you to select a chair to carry on your trips consistently without breaking and making the most out of it.

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