Best Camping Chairs With Lumbar Support (for Bad Back) in the UK

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Everyone loves spending time in summer camping outside. However, you’ll know it’s a constant battle if you’ve got back pain. Even if you don’t have a bad back, it is vital to have comfortable chairs to relax.

We all know that a quality camping chair will make a huge difference in making your next camping trip enjoyable and comfortable. Here’s the good news! With today’s technological advancement, camping markets have introduced chairs with lumbar support.

Although there are plenty of choices available currently, it can be challenging to decide which suits you better. To help you select the right one, we’ve put together a list of the top camping chairs for back pain! Check out our recommendations and purchase one!

Camp Chair with Lumbar Support

When Might You Need A Chair With Lumbar Support?

If you are suffering from backache, you may already know that you need a chair that offers lumbar support. Comfort is essential for every person. A few niggles around our shoulders, backs, or necks can make you feel uncomfortable and distressed.

Fortunately, the field of ergonomics research is working towards bringing solutions for those who have back pain. One very known solution is the lumbar support.

Lumbar support helps ease the strain on our lower backs to make us feel comfortable with whatever task we’re engaged in. It can be placed on furniture, sofa, car seats, or even camping chairs as a cushion or built-in lumbar support.

Keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle is always beneficial, meaning that you don’t require lumbar support only when you’ve got an injury to your back; you could use it even if you don’t.

Your body experiences pressures from everyday activities like driving your vehicle, working at the office or home, etc. If you don’t have the proper posture, your chances of experiencing back pain increase.

All in all, lumbar support is a meaningful way to maintain health and wellbeing over the long term. Therefore, having a lumbar support chair on a camping trip can be vital whether you have back pain.

What Makes A Good Camping Chair For Bad Back?

Here are some reasons you need a good camping chair, especially if you have a backache.

  • It’s all about being comfortable, so when you can sit in a camping chair for an extended time and still feel at ease, it is the right chair for you.
  • These chairs come with different seat heights and different seat sizes. These factors should be considered according to the size of your body. If the seat is big for your body, it will cause discomfort. If it’s too low, especially if you’re elderly, you may be unable to climb into and out of it. Fortunately, they all include armrests, whether bar-like or supported by metal handles in the front. So this can be very helpful.
  • They are generally padded all over the seat and back. Padding can make a chair more comfortable, but you should also think about the weather conditions; if the chair gets wet, it’ll require the time needed to dry.
  • As mentioned, fabric quality and frame are two important things to be looking for in the camping chair. The structure will ensure that your chair will be stable and won’t fall off after several uses. The quality of the fabric ensures that your chairs will withstand any weather conditions while being comfortable.
  • Additionally, the weight and size could be crucial when using the chair for different purposes and not just for camping. For instance, if you attend a sporting festival or open-air concert, you’ll likely have to carry the chair for a shorter distance. For camping, chairs will be moved via car in all cases; therefore, you don’t have to worry much about this aspect. Furthermore, the differences between chairs in these parameters tend not to be that significant.
  • Lastly, regardless of which chair you select, make sure it comes with extra padding and cushioning designed to support the lower part of your back!

Our Best Picks

KingCamp Folding Camping Chair with Hard Lumbar Back Support

KingCamp Folding Camping Chairs for Adults Folding Garden Chairs Hard Lumbar Back Support Foldable...
  • 【Patented Lumbar Support Design】This camping chairs for heavy people with...
  • 【Padded Back and Armrest】This outdoor folding chair has hard armrests, can...
  • 【Stable and Durable】The heavy duty camping chair uses robust Q195 steel...

KingCamp folding camping chair has an ergonomic lumbar support design with a comfortable angle different from other camping chairs. It is explicitly designed for people with heavier or larger frames.

The chair has a curved backrest that offers the best assistance and support for your back. It also comes with solid armrests, which will help hold your arms and get up. Additionally, the armrest and the top of this chair are cushioned to provide comfy relaxation. 

KingCamp folding chair has a sturdy Q195 steel frame with a cross bracket design that offers stable and robust support of up to 300lbs. It is durable and tear-resistant Premium Oxford fabric; non-slip foot covers are ideal for various surfaces. 

Foldable camping chair that opens and folds in a matter of seconds. It weighs only 11.4lbs, making it easy to store and transport using the handle. In addition to camping, the chair can also be used for hiking, gardening, picnic, fishing, barbecue, and many other outdoor activities, or even indoor use. 


  • Suitable for heavier people
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Comfortable lumbar support
  • Made of durable fabric
  • Has an armrest and back pocket


  • Not enough storage
  • Doesn’t include a cup holder

Coastrail Oversized Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support

Coastrail Outdoor Padded Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support, Oversized Heavy Duty Lawn Chair...
  • ADJUSTABLE LUMBAR SUPPORT: The back of the outdooor camping chair has an...
  • COOLER BAG & CUP HOLDER Keep your beverages cool in this built-in cooler bag(3...
  • HEAD & SIDE POCKET: Hanging from the right arm is a convenient storage organizer...

Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair is among the top camping chairs for bad backs, created with convenience in mind. It has sturdy construction with massive dimensions and an enormous weight capacity that can hold up to 400lbs. It is a seamless choice for those who are larger or heavier.

Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair is built with a sturdy, anodized steel frame and strong 600D polyester material. The cushioning throughout is comprised of foam. There are multiple crossbars along all sides to provide extra stability and support.

This chair’s best characteristic is the adjustable strap placed behind the lumbar region, which provides an additional comfort level. So, you can adjust the right setting for your needs without stress.

This folding chair is simple to set up, ready in just a few seconds, and needs no assembly. It folds up easily and can be stored in a carry bag with straps for the shoulders. We don’t like that it doesn’t fold down into a compact size, as the folded length of 48 inches could be an issue in storage and transportation.

The seat is high at 19.6 inches, suitable for taller people.Perhaps, the most appealing aspect of this chair is its storage capabilities. The chair has a huge storage compartment behind the headrest. You can put a tiny cushion inside for additional support. Additionally, we can see an accessory storage pouch with multiple compartments to the side. Also, there’s a drink holder on one side of the armrest. On the opposite side, there is an internal cooler.


  • Good capacity for weight can support as much as 400lbs
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Comfortable headrest
  • Wide seat
  • A sturdy steel frame with supporting crossbars across
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • Excellent storage options


  • Difficult to store and transport because it’s bulky

Vango Hampton DLX Camping Chair

Vango Hampton DLX Camping Chair - Duoweave/Excalibur 2020
  • DuoWeave Fabric
  • Steel Frame
  • Padded seat and backrest

The Vango Hampton DLX Camping Chair is a comfortable chair with a high back enhancing lumbar support. It can recline to six different positions, from straight to relaxed, allowing you to locate the ideal comfort zone.

Vango Hampton DLX has a sturdy steel frame that can provide enough support for sitting as it can hold up to 140kg, enough for a grown-up who is heavy. Employed with 600D DuoWeave polyester fabric for the backrest and seat, it has a soft touch and a durable performance.

It also features a texturized finish which helps give it a sleek appearance. The ample padding will ensure the back has well-cushioned support, and you can rest all day and not feel tired. In addition, the adjustable backrest can be adjusted to an armrest or folded down even more for better lower-back support.

In terms of storage, this chair could be folded into an incredibly compact size and then lifted using the frames when not using it. However, it doesn’t include a storage bag. Furthermore, it’s pretty heavy, weighing 5.8kg, and its bulky shape can be a problem to transport in your backpack.


  • Adjustable backrest
  • Comfortable seating
  • Easily accommodates taller people
  • Soft yet durable fabric


  • Heavy

XGEAR Folding Camping Chair With Adjustable Lumbar Support

XGEAR Leisure Folding Camping Chair With Adjustable Lumbar Support High Back Design For Superior...
  • 【Better Support】Back Height is about 60cm. Weight is 6.2kg. Width is 53cm....
  • 【High Quality&Heavy Duty】Chair back and seat made from reinforced 600D...
  • 【Easy Use】Asteri folding camp chair is equipped with a portable carry bag,...

XGEAR Folding camping chair offers all the standard features you could want from an outdoor chair. The back of the chair is approximately 60cm, weighs around 6.2 kgs, and its length is 53cms, making it a good option.

In terms of comfort, it has an armrest with padding, a cushioned headrest with a flexible lumbar cushion, and a sturdy seat. The back of the chair is sufficient and comfortable to let you relax after a long and tiring day.

The fabric used in the chair is highly durable and also tear-proof. Its frame has high-quality alloy steel tubes that give support and stability to the chair. Its sturdy construction guarantees that it will last on all types of terrain. It can support a maximum weight of 136kg.

XGear comes with a carrying bag that makes transportation easy. The chair also has a cup holder to ensure you have your favorite drink while sitting on it. This chair is an excellent option for regular and occasional campers.


  • The foldable and high-back design allows extra comfort
  • Made of high-quality, durable materials
  • Simple assembly
  • Transportable and easy to carry


  • It doesn’t include a neck cushion for extra support

STRONGBACK Low Gravity Chair with Lumbar Support

Strongback Low Gravity Beach Chair is intended for use at the beach specifically. If you’re a beach-loving person with a bad back, who enjoys spending weekends at the beach, go for it. The chair is comfortable and great for relaxing your back with its lumbar support, but its durability isn’t enough to justify the cost.

Equipped with soft cushioning, it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. The chair is furnished with two shoulder straps and a cupholder. Additionally, it comes with a cushioned armrest, and it’s simple for you to pack and put away. 

Moving the chair is also simple because of the presence of two straps, which permit it to be used in the form of backpacks, making it a great chair for camping.

The biggest downside with this chair is that it comes without a headrest, but it’s worthy of being included on this list due to its robust design and support. The relaxation it offers for your spine is incredible.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Spacious
  • A comfortable and well-designed chair with lumbar support for beach camping
  • Includes a carrying bag


  • Issues with durability
  • People with heavier or larger-frame might not feel comfortable in it
  • Not recommended for everyday use

What To Look For Before Buying  Camping Chair for Bad Back

If you’ve got a back problem, it becomes essential to buy the most comfortable chair that you can find. Because having a comfortable chair will allow you to get the most enjoyment from your trip.

So, it’s crucial to do some research before buying a chair. Like camping cots, the camping chair may not be the most technological piece of camping gear. However, it does have certain essential features that you should be looking for. Here is a list of features you should consider when buying camping chairs. 

Ergonomics and Comfort 

You must choose a chair that will keep your spine straight and alleviate pressure points on your back. The pressure points could be located in the lower, mid, or upper back. Based on the location where the discomfort is, find a chair with a cushion for this location. This back cushion typically comes with a lot of padding.

The majority of people experience lower back pain, and the majority of the standard camping chairs come with the lumbar support to provide this cushion. Other chairs have an adjustable pillow or headrest you can place anywhere on your back.

If you suffer from a back problem or not, always look for a chair that has good design and ergonomics. That means that your chair must give you a comfortable and stable seat and keep your spine in a straight, even line while sitting up straight and having a natural curvature when relaxing. Your legs should remain straight during sitting without needing to bend your knees.

Size and Weight Capacity

If you’ve been in the office, you are aware that they have a variety of adjustments. However, there isn’t this kind of flexibility for camping chairs. This is why you shouldn’t pick any camping chair. You need to choose a chair that is appropriate for your size.

Therefore, if you’re an average-built person and height, you must choose an armchair with a seat positioned at 17-19 inches off the ground. The backseat must be at least 35 inches tall.

If you are at either end of the spectrum, it is crucial to be on the lookout for the numbers below and choose suitable options based on the size of your body. In the same way, you must check the rating for the chair’s weight capacity. You should select those rated at least 50 pounds more than the actual weight.


Like everything else, high-quality construction can’t be overlooked. The majority of camping chairs today come with a frame composed of steel or aluminum. 

Manufacturing companies must use the steel with a hollow tubular shape to limit the weight of the chairs; however, this can result in a loss of the durability of these chairs. Therefore, we have chairs that can endure normal usage but don’t anticipate them to last through any abuse.

Seating requires a canvas of a synthetic material that has to be sturdy and still comfortable, and not too flexible. These materials are reasonably standard nowadays and can be found in high-quality polyester and nylon fabrics.


It is also a crucial feature to consider when choosing camping chairs. Camping chairs are often moved around, and it isn’t always possible to have the space to put them in their setup form. So, manufacturers are creating foldable camping chairs. But, the chair’s dimension determines the size it can be squeezed down to.

In terms of portability, it is essential to consider how heavy the chairs are. You probably don’t want a difficult-to-carry chair, particularly when you have a back problem. In this regard, you can see standard folding chairs that weigh about 10 pounds. They are extremely small.

But, there are also zero-gravity chairs, which provide better comfort; however, they aren’t the most portable chairs available. They fold into bulky pieces and weigh over 20 pounds.

Therefore, you need to consider the size and weight of your chair while buying because you’ll most likely be carrying these chairs around, and that can be an issue with a heavy chair, considering you have back pain.


While not every chair has to include some extras in the back, having them isn’t bad either. Many buyers especially look for these features when selecting an outdoor chair. Thus, while they do not affect the quality of the chair but it’s an element that potential buyers may choose to consider.

For example, many manufacturers provide an adapted bag for carrying your chair. The cupholder can be an almost standard feature, but some chairs also come with mini coolers and storage pockets for drinks or other objects.

Wide-footed chairs are also great since they are made to remain stable even when the ground is soft. So having additional features to your chair can be beneficial in many ways.


If you are a fan of camping but can’t stay off it even when you suffer from back pain, you’re not all on your own. Luckily! We now have equipment that is designed to cater to different needs, and that includes camping furniture.

Many camping chairs are made to provide the comfort and support you want if you have back problems. All the products we’ve reviewed are durable, easy to set up, portable, and comfortable. Any of these will let you take advantage of your next camping trip to the highest degree.

All you need to do is buy the camping chair that meets your requirement and set off for a great camping adventure!

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