6 Best Camping Chairs with Side Table in the UK

Whether you are planning a campfire with your friends or a camping trip likely to last a couple of days, one particular thing is you are likely going to need a camping chair that provides comfort and functionality.

However, not every chair in the market is similar, and thus, there is a lot of diversity. To select the best product, you need to consider some points, and we have them all covered here for you.

Swivel versus Classic Side Table: What is the Difference?

A camping chair comes in a variety of sizes and designs. Although there is plenty of diversity in terms of the design and benefits it provides, you still have to keep an eye out for the convenience and ease of transport. 

Another important thing with a camping chair is that you need a lot more than mere comfort. You would also require the chair to provide various features in the form of side pockets, neck support.

A swivel or side table for a camping chair is another aspect of these chairs that many buyers seek.

swivel versus side table of a camping chair
  • A swivel allows the user to access extra space, which you can use to keep essential items such as mobiles, books, tablets, etc. Furthermore, many chairs also come with a cup holder that you can use to hold your favorite drink. So the camping chairs with a swivel are also high in demand.
  • Camping chairs with a side table and swivel share a few significant distinctions. Although the purpose of the two is similar to some extent, they might differ in functionality. A side table is attached to the side of the chair, and it is unmovable, while a swivel table lets you move it in front of yourself. You can use a swivel table if you want to perform some activities, including having a front space like working on your laptop or reading; a swivel table is a great choice. Furthermore, these tables offer cup holders, and you can also use them to contain other essentials.
  • However, the aside table is less flexible as it is attached to the side only and lets you hold things such as cups and place essentials. Although, you wouldn’t be able to bring it in front of your face level. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean they aren’t beneficial. It still provides excellent functionality while being very convenient. It allows you to manage all your stuff efficiently while also acting as a good armrest.

What Makes a Good Camping Chair with a Side Table?

Although the camping chairs with a side table are an excellent choice that provides a lot more benefits than a regular chair, you would still come across plenty of options, thus making it difficult for you to decide. Hence, to avoid the situation where you buy a product that isn’t an absolute value for the price despite spending money. 

There are a few features that you need to remember when buying a camping chair with a side table which include:

  • Easy transportation 
  • Versatile functionality 
  • Comfort 
  • Durable frame 
  • Foldable design 
  • Easy to manage 

All these features together will make the best camping chair with a side table. Another essential thing to notice is that such chairs offer up to three functionalities in a single solution. Instead of only getting a chair, you get a cup holder, table, and chair combined in one. Furthermore, it makes it easier to travel since the chair’s designs allow the user to transport it around easily. Such chairs also don’t limit the functionality as you can use them for BBQ parties, patio furniture, and camping chair. 

Apart from the specific features that you need to notice in the chairs with a swivel, it would be best if you didn’t also forget other noticeable aspects such as:

  • Table quality
  • Fabric durability
  • Material of the frame
  • Padding for added comfort 
  • Design of the chair overall

Detailed Reviews

We have compiled a list of the best reclining camping chairs that you can find in the UK after careful analysis and research.

Camping Chairs with Side Table

KingCamp oversized camping chair with side table

KingCamp Directors Chairs Folding Oversize Camping Chairs for Adults 20.86 in Wide Seat for Heavy...
  • 【Side Table】This directors chair have a side table with cup holder,...
  • 【Frame Stable】The camping chair have a rugged steel frame, supports up to...
  • 【Fold Up Quick】Director chair can sets and folds in seconds, very easy to...


  • Multifunctional design with a high comfort level
  • The frame provides stability and relaxation 
  • Back and armrests ensure you get relief from the strain while sitting on it
  • Easy to assemble and collapse


  • The chair does not provide neck support, and for some users, the backs support isn’t enough

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Reclining chair
  • It contains a detachable head pillow, drink holder, and adjustable canopy
  • It can easily recline with a shift in weight
  • Two years manufacturer warranty
  • Weight: 9 kilograms
  • Weight capacity: 110 kgs
  • Adjustable footrest 

The KingCamp oversized camping chair provides everything that you may look for in the product. It has a very comfortable large design with back support and a solid frame. The chair has a side table that contains a cup holder and makes it convenient for the user to manage his drinks or snacks. It also comes with a storage bag that you can use to store the smalls stuff you carry along the way. The chair provides a way to manage all the things while enjoying the trip.

The two most important things you need to notice in a camping chair are the frame and fabric quality. The KingCamp camping chair contains a rugged steel frame capable of supporting 180 kgs, while the seat’s dimensions are 45 cm in height and 53 cms in width. Furthermore, it only weighs around 4.4 kgs. The fabric material on the chair is polyester which makes it comfortable while you sit on it.

Although it is an oversized chair that supports heavier people, you can still easily fold it up within seconds. The chair is very easy to assemble, which makes its transportability and storage convenient. In terms of comfort, the chair contains back support which is essential in a camping chair. Furthermore, it has a padded seat and armrests, which provide an exclusive experience. Apart from being functional, the chair is also very comfortable, which means you can use it for various purposes. For instance, apart from being a camping or hiking chair, it can be used as garden patio furniture or for picnics, etc.

Timber Ridge camping chair with side tables

TIMBER RIDGE Oversized Directors Chairs with Side Table, Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair up to 600...
  • OVERSIZED DIMENSION: Unfolded size is 33"W x 22"D x 36 1/4"H, folded size is 5...
  • STURDY METAL FRAME: This heavy duty director chair can support up to 600lbs and...
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: This comfy directors chair features foam padding full back and...


  • Ideal chair for tall people
  • Durable and stable frame
  • Excellent fabric quality that provides durability
  • Padded from the back with cushioned armrests 
  • Side table design increases the functionality


  • It is a heavy chair which might not be suitable for everyone

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Oversized chair design
  • Stable and durable frame
  • Comfortable chair
  • Multipurpose usage
  • It comes with a side table 
  • The side table contains a cup holder
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 600 lbs
  • Chair weight: 11 kg

The Timber Ridge oversized camping chair is an ideal choice for tall people. The chair is sturdy and can withstand up to 600 lbs weight which means that big people can easily use it without breaking. The dimensions of the chair include 28” x 19.7” x 34.6” when it’s unfolded, while the folding size of the chair is around 6.3” X 23.62” X 36.22”. The most significant advantage of the chair is that it has an extra-wide chair which allows people to fit in it comfortably. The seat size is 18 inches which offers additional space allowing the user to be in a completely relaxed state while sitting on it.

The chair contains Alloy steel with a 25mm tube and powder coating in terms of material quality. The chair’s fabric is a 600D polyester embossed fabric that ensures durability and sustainability in all weather conditions. Furthermore, the chair also contains a high comfort level with the complete back and headrest padded and the armrests cushioned, allowing the user to relax completely.

The design of the chair is an excellent feature, as it contains a side table. The chair has a foldable side table on the right side with a cup holder, allowing users to place their mobile or books while holding their favorite drink. The chair has multifunctional use, which means that you can use it for camping, picnic, or other outdoor activities.

Coleman Deck camping chair with foldable side table

Coleman Deck Chair With Table, Comfortable Outdoor Camping Chair with foldables Side Table and Cup...
  • Sit Back and Relax: Comfortable foldable outdoor chair with convenient side...
  • Lightweight and Durable Chair: The sturdy but lightweight foldable chair holds...
  • Hassle Free Pack Away: The collapsible, folding design allows to easily fold...


  • Easy to manage and transport
  •  Lightweight and portable design making it ideal for outdoor trips
  • Attractive design
  • A multipurpose chair that you can use practically anywhere


  • Not suitable for tall or big people

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Foldable chair design
  • Lightweight and durable chair
  • Easy to assemble and collapse
  • Comfortable chair design
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 113 kgs
  • Weight of the chair: 3.46 kgs
  • Side table with cup holder for maximum comfort

If you are searching for a lightweight camping chair with an attractive design that you can easily manage during your camping journey, the Coleman Deck camping chair with a foldable side table is the right choice. The chair contains a convenient side table with a cup holder to keep your essentials and favorite drink close. The chair also has an attractive yet durable and lightweight design capable of holding up to 113 kgs while weighing around 3.46 kgs.

In terms of quality, the chair’s frame contains aluminum, while the fabric has robust and soft 600D polyester oxford, which provides comfort and resilience. You can easily use it as an outward chair without worrying about any damage to it.

Additionally, you can quickly assemble the chair or collapse it within seconds to a very compact size, making it easy to carry around. It comprises two pre-attached carry straps, which make the transportation of the chair effortless. The chair’s dimensions when it’s open are 62W x 55D x 78H cm, while when you fold it, they reduce to 13W x 55D x 78H cm. The chair is excellent in terms of quality and functionality, along with having a beautiful design that allows it to be a multipurpose chair that you can use at campsites, events, camping, or even indoors.

Stream Garden Zero Gravity chair with side table and cup holder

Straame Garden | Zero Gravity Chair | Set of 2 | Heavy Duty Textoline | Outdoor & Garden Sunloungers...
  • ZERO GRAVITY CHAIR SET OF 2: Let your body experience extreme comfort and stress...
  • FOLDABLE OUTDOOR SUN LOUNGERS: In the camping, beach, garden or patio or even in...
  • RECLINING GARDEN CHAIRS are ideally suited for outdoor activities with no...


  • Recliner chairs allow you to enjoy outdoors in different comfortable positions
  • A durable and robust chair means you get to use it for a long duration
  • Comfortable chair
  • Zero gravity chair let you relax in multiple positions


  • Some people have complained about rusting issues in freezing temperatures

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Zero Gravity chair design
  • Recliner chairs with side table
  • Durable chairs
  • Suitable for outdoor usage
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 110 kgs
  • Weight: 15.7 kgs (for both)

For people who want a zero gravity chair that they can carry on a camping trip, the Straame Garden Zero Gravity chair with a side table and cup holder is the best choice. The chairs contain a very chic design that allows the user to relax comfortably. The dimensions of the chairs include 112H x 91D x 67.5Wcm when it is placed upright, while the lounging dimensions of the chair are 77H x 165D x 67.5W cm.

The maximum weight-bearing capacity of the chair is 110 kgs which is great even for tall people. The combined weight of the chairs is around 15.7 kgs which means you and your partner won’t have a problem carrying them.

The chairs have a foldable design which means you can ideally use them for both outdoors and indoors. The chairs are rotatable, adjustable, and can also be reclined from 0 to 170 degrees. You can relax in various positions, from sitting to completely lying on it while lounging. The chair’s design economically supports your entire body while you are sitting on it. It contains High-quality and durable Textilene fabric and alloy steel in its fabric and frame. Furthermore, it contains side tables with a cup holder that you can use to enjoy added benefits.

MP Essentials camping chair with side pockets and table

MP Essentials Strong Sturdy Portable Travel Sports Directors Chair with Pockets & Table (Blue)
  • Sports director chair - It is 20% larger and taller than the standard director...
  • Folding padded seat and back rest.
  • Back & Lumbar support & comfort


  • Comfortable chair
  • Sturdy design
  • Internal padding 
  • Lumbar and back support
  • Side table to hold items


  • Some users have complained about the customer service

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Larger than the standard chair
  • Foldable design
  • Provides back and lumbar support
  • Comfortable chair
  • Frame material is aluminum

The MP Essentials camping chair with side pockets and a table is a great chair that provides stability and durability. It contains excellent material in its construction, making it the user’s companion for many years. It’s a sports director chair which means that it is around 20% bigger and taller than the regular standard size of the chair. Furthermore, it has a foldable design which means you can easily store it or transport it without worrying about anything.

The chair is also extremely comfortable with a padded seat and a back result, while its design also provides lumbar and back support, which lets the user relieve the strain off the back while sitting on it. The chair overall is an excellent choice for camping, fishing, or other outdoor activities. It contains a side table and accessory bags which the users can store items into

Sun Leisure folding chair with side table and pocket

Sun Leisure® Folding Alloy Sports Directors Chair, Strong Sturdy Solid Alloy Frame, With Folding...
  • Folding Director´s Chair with attached folding table and side pockets,...
  • Sturdy and solid frame made of lightweight 6061 commercial grade aluminium, 25mm...
  • Fabric covers made of 1200 Denier polyester with black polyester fibre...


  • Sturdy and resilient chair
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Table and bag add to its functionality
  • Double stitching further enhances the durability


  • Expensive chair

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Folding chair design
  • Strong and sturdy frame made of lightweight 6061 commercial grade aluminum and 25mm diameter tubes
  • 1200 Denier polyester with black polyester fiber fabric
  • Comfortable chair
  • The double stitching on the seat and back
  • Weight : 3.13 kgs
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 140 kgs or 22 stones

Sun Leisure folding chair with side table and pocket provides the user with various beneficial features for outdoor and indoor usage. The chair has a foldable design which makes its portability better. Furthermore, it has a foldable table and side pockets while also extremely lightweight, thus making it easy to carry. Furthermore, it only weighs around 3.13 kgs, so you won’t have to worry about making your luggage heavier than you can carry.

In terms of the construction quality of the chair, it contains 1200 Denier polyester with black polyester fiber fabric along with 6061 commercial grade aluminum and 25mm diameter tubes, which makes it durable and comfortable. The chair has internal padding, which is exceptionally soft with a double-layered seat and a backrest, so the user is in an entirely relaxed position while placed on it. Furthermore, the chair contains double sewing on the backrest and the seat to ensure that the stitching doesn’t wear out. it has a side table that you can use to hold mobiles or place something while there is a small bag at the other end to contain other small essentials

Camping chairs, foldable chairs, lounge chairs, etc., come in a variety of styles; however, everybody’s idea of comfort vastly differs. There are always some factors to look at when you invest hard-earned money. A good camping chair is built to survive the outdoors and thus uses materials that make it costly

Factors to consider before purchasing outdoor folding chairs with attached side tables

Settling for a folding chair simply because of its low price tag may lead to future regrets. A folding chair with an attached table is not something you would want to purchase often but is rather a one-time investment. This list has curated some important factors that should be considered before making a decision down below.


The best materials for outdoor foldable chairs are stainless steel, aluminum, and steel/aluminum alloys. These materials are long-lasting and can withstand weather conditions. Copper and brass are good durable materials, but their high price does not make them cost-effective. Plastic outdoor folding chairs are cheap but not durable. Hence, aluminum or steel are the best materials to use for the frame of outdoor folding chairs with attached tables.


The height of your foldable chair is an extremely important factor to consider while making your purchase. Extremely tall/short chairs are not comfortable and cause back problems. Look at the dimensions of your chair and make sure they fit your body type comfortably before investing in one. 


Foldable chairs spend most of their time in the rough outdoors, camping grounds, hiking cliffs, fishing fields, etc. The upholstery of your chair is equally important because not only should it be comfortable but waterproof and durable as well. These chairs come with mostly three types of upholstery- vinyl, polyester, and canvas. Canvas and vinyl are prone to weather damage, whereas polyester seating is durable and weatherproof.


Most chairs come with flat and stiff seats. This seating arrangement is not the most comfortable. Look for chairs that have curved seating. Padded armrests also provide great comfort and also aid in providing support to old persons and people with bone problems. These chairs come in various sizes; choose a size that would seat you comfortably.


Folding chairs with attached side tables are expensive, and you would expect them to be a one-time investment. In order to achieve that goal, you need to invest in good quality chairs one time rather than buying flimsy chairs a couple of times. Your folding chairs should be made of aluminum or steel and metal bolts. The frame should be powder coated with weatherproof paint for maximum longevity.


Folding chairs are preferred for outdoor use because they are easy to store and use when on-road travel or camping trips. Choose chairs that fit the space you have comfortably.


Folding chairs come in three styles. Upright, reclining, and interchangeable. If you plan on spending game nights outdoors with your family, then choose upright chairs. If you plan on having a dedicated relaxing space, a reclining chair is the best way to go. However, if it fits your budget, go with the interchangeable one so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


Is it possible for me to put together a foldable chair with a side table?

Folding chairs are shipped to customers preassembled.

Is height an important factor to consider while purchasing a folding outdoor chair with a side table?

Yes, it is. For your chair to be comfortable for you, it needs to cater to your body type. Consider the dimensions of your chair and then compare them to yourself to see if they will be comfortable for you.

Which color Folding Chair with a side table is easier to keep clean?

Chairs with darker colors are easier to be cleaned than lighter colored chairs. Darker colors discolor a lot less than lighter colors because they can withstand dust and water.

What weight capacities can folding chairs with a folding table bear?

Good folding chairs should be able to hold weights of up to 350 lbs. Do your required research and choose a chair that fits your body type.

Can you use folding chairs with side tables on a sandy base?

Folding chairs for the beach are completely different from the ones we use for camping. The feet of the frame are attached together to increase surface area and reduce pressure, thus allowing the chair to stand on the beach without sinking into the sand.


If you are a camper or take part in outdoor activities regularly, a camping chair with a side table is the best choice. It will allow you to relax comfortably outdoors while also allowing you to manage everything you need when you are resting out there. Some chairs also come with an accessory bag at one side, while there is a table that contains a cup holder and what else would you want from a product in the category? You can easily place your mobile, books, and your favorite drink anywhere you go. However, you also need to ensure that you perform the relevant research first before buying any item to ensure that what you buy is the best choice for you.

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