5 Best Inflatable Sofas in the UK

The Traditional approach to camping where people bought small tents has developed a lot, and now people opt for the ones that provide a lot more space. A family tent or a 6-person tent offers enough room for a family of up to 5 individuals.

So, if you have a lot of space available, you should look into inflatable sofas since it is an excellent piece of equipment, particularly for social gatherings. They are ideal for chilling and one of the best ways to utilize the space available in the camp. 

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What Makes a Good Inflatable Sofa?

Various aspects make an excellent inflatable sofa. Needless to say, every product might not be suitable for you, and the massive diversity in the market within the category can confuse you. Thus, the best way to deal with it is to research and become aware of some background knowledge. 

The following are some factors that you must look out for when buying an inflatable sofa:

  • They have a small pack size: The Inflatables sofa, when folded up, should not consume a lot of space. It is a crucial factor since it makes the portability of the sofa a lot better. That’s why many people prefer those from an inflatable camping mattress which takes a lot of space.
  • Comfort: You should also ensure that the sofa provides a similar comfort level as a home couch.
  • Low puncture opportunity: You should place a thick groundsheet or a carpet under the sofa when it’s inside your tent. Furthermore, you should also ensure that the material used in making the inflatable sofa isn’t low-grade.
  • Flexibility: Some Sofas that you may find in the market can also turn into beds for use at night time. So, look out for this factor when you are in the market for the product.

Considering the factors mentioned above before buying an inflatable sofa would ensure that you choose the most suitable product for yourself, providing value for the money.

Where can you use them?

Inflatable sofas can have many applications; although certain people only choose them for camping, there is more to it. Here are some of the ways that you can use your inflatable sofa:

Vacations and trips

As already stated above, inflatable sofas are the ideal choice for camping trips. It requires little storage space, and you can easily transport them to various locations during the trip due to their inflatable nature and easy portability. The product provides users with utmost comfort and a place to chill during an outdoor vacation. 

Furthermore, if you have a social gathering during the vacation, the sofas are ideal for accommodating everyone and providing them with a resting place.

Ideal for kid’s playhouse

kids in inflatable sofa camping

If you want to make a playhouse for your kids, you would need flexible options rather than the conventional ones. If so, you can get one of the inflatable sofas for the playhouse and provide it with a relaxing spot. 

The main problem with getting a couch for a playhouse is that your kids will probably ruin it, and it might also cost a heavier investment, whereas an inflatable sofa tends to be cheaper.

Suitable for outdoor activity

If you are looking to decorate your garden with some patio furniture, but you don’t have enough budget, then choosing an inflatable sofa would ensure that you have plenty of space available for everyone in your yard. 

Additionally, outdoor furniture is a great way to set up your yard and spend some quality time with your family. Inflatable sofas are a comfortable and reliable solution to relax outdoors.

Using Inflatable sofas as temporary beds

The majority of families in the UK live in apartments without much space to spare. So, it becomes difficult to manage if guests arrive, mainly due to the lack of sleeping options available. However, inflatable sofas can be a lot more beneficial in such a situation. You can use it as a temporary bed at your house, and you can accommodate everyone a lot more conveniently. 

Detailed Reviews

If you are unsure which inflatable furniture would be best for you, then you don’t have to worry anymore as we have compiled a list of the top 5 products after extensive research. These products are all suitable for different purposes, and you have to choose one according to your requirements. 

Outwell Lake Superior Inflatable Sofa

Best for families.

Outwell Inflatable Camping Sofa, Polyurethane Fabric, Gray, 170 x 83 x 74 cm
  • Dimensions: 170 x 83 x 74 cm (W x D x H)
  • Packaging dimensions: 51 x 20 x 42 cm
  • Weight: 10 kg


  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable


  • Not portable

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 170W x 83D x 74H (cms)
  • Max load capacity: 250 kg
  • Easy inflation with integrated electronic pump
  • Versatile can be turned into a couch
  • Weight: 10 kgs 

IF you are looking for functionality and versatility, then Outwell Lake Superior Inflatable Sofa is one of the best choices in the market. It has a spacious design that is highly durable and resilient while also enduring up to 250 kg. 

The inflation of the sofa isn’t a challenging task either; the user can perform it simply through the internal electronic pump. The sofa provides an extremely comfortable seat for two people, and it doesn’t deflate over time. The resilient material is used in the creation of the couch to prevent leakage and ensure longevity. Its easy installation and high-quality construction make it the finest choice for families and multiple people. 

Orsen Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

Best Lightweight.

Orsen Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa, Inflatable Couch anti Leakage Camping Chair for Outdoor, Lakeside...
  • 🏔️ EASY TO INFLATE DESIGN. No pump required for our ORSEN Inflatable Sofa....
  • 🏖️ ANTI-DEFLATION TECHNOLOGY. Our camping air sofa retains air twice as...
  • 🏕️UNIQUE HEADREST DESIGN. Our Unique Ergonomic Neck Pillow headrest of air...


  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Contains pockets at side for holding mobiles
  • Can inflate within seconds


  • Complains about earlier deflation 

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 215.9 x 60.96 x 91.44 cm;
  • Easily inflatable design 
  • Anti-deflation technology 
  • Highly versatile design

If you would like to have a lightweight product to relax, then the Orsen Inflatable lounger air sofa is ideal. It doesn’t require a pump, and all the user has to do is scoop some air into it, and it would be ready. The blowup air bed or sofa would provide you maximum comfort anywhere; it is the ideal choice to carry along a camping trip since it doesn’t require a lot of space, neither does it pose a lot of burden on the carrier. 

If you want to chill on a beach or somewhere outside, the Olsen inflatable lounger can be the perfect product for you. The lounger contains durable material in its construction and anti-deflation technology which allows it to retain air a lot more than any other couch. It remains deflated for up to 5-6 hours. The sofa contains high-quality ripstop fabric carved through excellent craftsmanship, making it lightweight, portable, and comfortable. 

It is also highly durable and can withstand up to 440lbs. 

Another noticeable thing about it is the design. It has a unique ergonomic neck pillow headrest along with an air lounger design that provides utmost comfort. Its versatility makes it suitable for camping trips and having a resting spot out in the sun.

Milliard Inflatable Couch/Air Sofa

Best for Garden.

Milliard Inflatable Couch - Air Sofa – Perfect Lounger for Camping, Beach and Home (Grey)
  • PORTABLE COMFORT – bring comfortable anywhere with the Milliard inflatable...
  • BONUS CARRY CASE – easily deflate and pack your air sofa in into the compact...
  • EXTRA STURDY – made from a thick, high grade vinyl, the Milliard inflatable...


  • Quick and easy to blow up
  • Portable and carrying bag makes it easier to transport
  • High quality and sturdy
  • Provides both comfort and style


  • Some have complained about its durability

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Dimensions:- 167.6 x 73.7 x94 cm
  • Portable design
  • Carry case
  • Extremely stable
  • Cup holders at each side

If you are looking for patio furniture to place inside your garden but don’t want to invest in conventional furniture, then the Milliard Inflatable Couch/Air Sofa is ideal. It is a highly comfortable inflatable sofa, and it’s also extremely convenient to install. 

The carry case allows the user to pack the sofa set within seconds. You can efficiently deflate it and load it into the case and carry it anywhere. One of the most important and notable features of inflatable furniture is its quality in its construction. The Milliard Inflatable Couch/Air Sofa contains thick and high-grade vinyl, ensuring its sturdiness over a long period. Furthermore, it’s also extremely stable and lasts for years.

Each sofa contains two cup holders at each side to place your drinks and a pack of vinyl repair patches for any emergency. Overall the product is an ideal choice, particularly if you look for something to place inside your garden and relax on a sunny day. The sofa set is affordable compared to a regular sun lounger and does require much service or maintenance.

Intex Inflatable Armchair

Best for kids.

Intex Inflatable Armchair 88x99x76, Unisex children, Random colors, 50 x 75 cm
  • Inflatable armchair, 88 x 99 x 76 cm
  • Suitable for one person
  • It features ergonomic seat that adapts to the shape of the body and also has a...


  • Relaxing and comfortable seat 
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Ergonomy ensures the seat adopts body posture and provides relaxation
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Some users have complained about the durability

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 84 x 76 x 99 centimeters
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Can support up to a 100 kgs 
  • Easy to carry and store

If you are looking for an inflatable chair for your kids or creating a play area for your children, then the Intex Inflatable Armchair is the right choice. The dimensions are ideal for a child or even a grown person to relax. The seat is designed for one person, and it has an ergonomic design which means that it will adapt to the body shape of anyone sitting on it. Furthermore, it also has a backrest which means that all the pressure from your back won’t build up on the spine.

 It can support up to 100 kgs, and it also includes repair patches and a 1 in 1 valve that is responsible for reducing inflation and deflation at certain times. The armchair is very soft, and you can easily rest on it. 

The armchair is a comfortable and reliable option for a kid’s playroom in an affordable price range. You don’t have to worry a lot about anything, including maintenance, repairs or inflations, etc., as it’s a highly uncomplicated and stress-free task.

Intex 58856 Pool Side Rocking Lounger 

Best for pool.

Intex 58856EU Pool Side Rocking Lounger, Multi Colour
  • Size: 71" x 53" (180 x 135cm)
  • With contoured design for added comfort
  • 2 air chambers for added safety


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Portable design
  • Ideal for pools and lakes
  • Stable base


  • It is not very versatile like other products and is limited to application on lakes or pools

Detailed Review

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 71″ x 53″ (180 x 135cm)
  • Contoured design for extra comfort
  • Multiple air chambers for extra safety
  • 2 Heavy-duty handles 
  • Built-in cup holders at each side

If you are looking for a rocking lounge for your pool but don’t have the budget for the conventional one made from wood or aluminum, then the Intex 58856 is the ideal choice for you. It provides everything you would expect of a regular lounger, including comfort, reliability, and sturdiness. 

The lounger’s design ensures that the user can relax on it while also ensuring that its base is as sturdy as possible. Furthermore, it contains handles which further affirm the stability level along with cup holders at each side. Its shape provides excellent support for the entire body while also ensuring that you make the most out of your time in the sun.

Benefits of Inflatable Sofas

There are numerous benefits of inflatable sofas. Apart from being a budget-friendly option, they provide excellent performance. Since a lot of users prefer functionality and comfort, it is something that you need to keep in mind when looking for inflatable sofas, as not every product might not be suitable for you.

The following are some of the benefits that an inflatable sofa set provides:


Regular furniture can cost you a fortune. Furthermore, it also requires a lot of money in maintenance, and if you end up breaking something, you would have to engage in additional costs. Inflatable sofas are relatively cheaper. It provides you with two significant benefits, you can use it a lot more freely, and if your kids damage it, you can get it replaced. So, if you have a tight budget, this is the best option for you.


Inflatable sofas are a lot more portable. It means that they are lightweight and compact; thus, you won’t require many people to move them around when needed. Furthermore, its assembly is also an easy task, and you won’t have to rely on professional service providers to help you sort it out.


Inflatable sofas are very versatile. The best thing about it is that you can convert it into a bed when required and use it as a sofa as well. Furthermore, you can use it for various purposes, including usage inside the kid’s play area to take it with you while being on a camping trip.

Low maintenance

Conventional furniture takes a lot of money in maintenance. Apart from the regular polish and cover costs, you could end up breaking something as well, which could force you to get a replacement. The inflatable sofas require a lot less maintenance compared to the traditional furniture.

Comfort level

Some people think that inflatable sofas aren’t comfortable, which is entirely wrong. These sofas contain the ideal structures to ensure that your body remains relaxed and the material used in it is very soft and comfortable. 

What to look out for in a compact, lightweight camping chair 

Camping trips are all about having fun outdoors and relaxing while reconnecting to nature. However, it would be best if you also had comfortable equipment and a camping chair is one of the essentials for outdoor adventures. Since you might not find many options to sit onto, a chair becomes necessary but needless to say, not every chair would be suitable for you.

Considering the weight of the luggage that you would have to carry along the way, having a lightweight chair for camping is necessary. The problem arises when you find many choices in the market, and without proper background knowledge, you may end up confused. 

So, we have composed a list of some essential factors that you need to consider before buying a camping chair.


First thing first, you need to choose the design that you think would be ideal for you. Since we all have different preferences, we might not end up liking the same chair.

Some of the most notable styles when it comes to camping chair are as follows:

  • Classic camp chair: It is the one with four legs with a straight back and a flat seat. It has a stable base, and it is also a relatively affordable option. 
  • Rocker: This style is ideal for even grounds and would be suited for steep and rocky paths
  • Low chair: It is a good choice for sandy surface or uneven ground since it is a lot less tippy than a higher chair. 
  • Scoop chair: These chairs don’t have a different back and a seat. 
  • Suspended chair: This is a newer design, and it allows the user to hang down a bit from the frame, and you can swing a bit.
  • Campstool: This is more of a stool than a chair. It does not have a high or low back which could be uncomfortable after a long day of walking and hiking.
  • Two-legged chairs: These chairs are also ideal for even surfaces because the stability is lower, and you would have to use your front legs to provide it strength from the front. 
  • Three-legged chairs: These are comfortable but not very stable.


Another critical thing to consider is the usage of the chair. For this factor, you would have to notice where you are going for the trip. If it is a hiking trip or at a sandy area, you would have to choose the chair accordingly.

One thing to note is that you would give preference to comfort and choose a suitable product. Put your likings aside and opt for the product that fits the purpose.


The dimensions of the chair include the height and size of it. It would depend on the body measurements of the user to choose a chair as per their physique. Therefore, noticing the size and height of the chair before buying it becomes crucial. 

If you want a chair with a lot of space, then the bigger one is better. Low chairs are ideal for uneven or sandy surfaces, while high chairs are easier to get in and out of. So, it would depend on the user’s choice to choose the chair that they think would be best for them. Furthermore, some users suffer from certain health conditions such as sciatica or back pain, making a higher back chair more suitable for them. 


The quality of the material used in the creation of the chair has significant importance. There are two main things in every chair, fabric and the frame. When choosing an outdoor chair, you need to select both of these capable of sustaining the unpredictable outdoor weather conditions. 

You might come across rains, snow, or hot sun; if your chair does not contain material that can sustain all weather conditions. Then you will have problems with durability. 

Thus, it is highly recommended that you choose a chair that can resist all weather conditions, including snow, rain, and sun.

 Portability and lightweight

One thing that you don’t want with a camping chair is a big and heavy design. Because you are likely going to carry your chair during the camping trip, and it isn’t the only thing that you are going to carry, your backpack would contain other essentials like a tent, food, etc. 

If your chair is too heavy or has a difficult-to-carry design, you are going to end up in a lot of back pain and suffer difficulty in carrying it around. So portability and lightweight are two mandatory factors in a good camping chair to ensure that they won’t pose any health or conveyance issues. 

Weight capacity

Another thing that a lot of chairs don’t share is the weight-bearing capacity. Every chair won’t support the same weight; therefore, if you are a regular camper, then you need to consider this factor to ensure that you can use the chair in the long term.

Some of the chairs already come with this information, while for others, you can research around. If you need a sturdy chair that can accommodate heavier persons, you can read our detailed guide for the best heavy duty camping chairs in the UK.


Some users live and prefer chairs that provide extra support like cup holders, lumber pads, footrests, head pads, breathable mesh panels, etc. 

Although these aren’t necessary, they can be handy for some people.

Easy installation

Although usually, all the chairs would only require you to open them and use them, it can be complex when packing them for carrying. Therefore, when choosing a chair, you need to ensure that it won’t take a lot of time to get packed or unpacked. 

It would save you time, effort, and energy to spend on the trip and ensure it’s enjoyable. 

How to Inflate a Camping Couch

Inflatable couches are becoming popular with each passing day. They provide the user with numerous benefits such as portability, conveyance, functionality, and, most importantly, comfort. Inflatable couches are extremely easy to inflate, and you don’t have to go through some complex steps to inflate your couch efficiently.

The first step is to unpack it safely. Usually, the camping comes packed and rolled, so the first step is to unpack it and layout for a few hours. This will allow the couch to straighten out and retain its shape internally. 

Now, there are two main types of camping couches. One would require an air pump, while on the other, you will find a large opening. Some sofas would have two pockets located at 180 degrees, which both fall into the same tube. 

To inflate these types of camping couches, all you have to do is whip them into the wind. Once the air gets into it, you have to instantly close it to ensure that it doesn’t escape away. So, the main goal is to trap the air into the tube, and you have to close it quickly.

Perform the same activity with each pocket; it’s better not to do it simultaneously with each. Once you have done it, you have to perform the same actions at least six times to ensure enough air inside the couch.

As you have gotten air trapped inside the inflatable couch, you have to close the pocket quickly and roll it out until it’s tight. Once you have, it rolled, and tight you can fold it over and clip it. 

The other type would require an air pump to inflate it. Both of these methods are easy and only take a few seconds to accomplish efficiently.


Inflatable couches are an excellent choice, particularly for camping and other outdoor trips. They provide a lot of versatility and are also a budget-friendly option. Furthermore, the low maintenance costs are another benefit because we don’t want to run back and forth over the same equipment. They are the ideal choice for kids and camper looking to make the most out of their time. 

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