Best Pop Up Toilet/ Privacy Tents in the UK

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All outdoor and camping enthusiasts know the importance of pop-up toilets as these portable, easy setup toilets offer complete privacy at campsites, beaches, picnics, festivals, or during travel. Even though you’re out in the wilderness, privacy may still be an issue, but not if you own a pop-up toilet tent. Also known as privacy tents, these tents have several uses; it acts both as a shower tent and a private spot to change clothes when camping.

Why is the toilet tent a must-buy for camping?

The pop-up tent is a privacy shelter comprising of 1-2 roomed tent that can be used in combination with a camping toilet. This offers a hygienic, convenient, and comfortable approach to use the bathroom at the campsite. Having a place to go to the toilet in privacy is a high priority for most campers.

Setup is straightforward and quick, thanks to the pop-up design that sets into seconds and folds easy. Privacy tents are usually very spacious to accommodate users and come with zippered front doors that allow easy accessibility. The tent is equipped with proper ventilation to clear odour while made of waterproof, weather-resistant materials to combat the outdoor environment. Stable, sturdy frames add to stability while very lightweight to carry around. It’s used for three purposes; a changing room, a privy, and a shower. This multifunctional tent can easily be transported from one campground to another for different showering or privacy needs when outdoors.

Best Pop Up Toilet/ Privacy Tents for 2020

WolfWise Portable Privacy Pop-up Tent

WolfWise Pop Up Toilet Tent Shower Privacy Tent for Camping Outdoor Changing Dressing Fishing...
  • UPF 50+ & Water Repellent: The silver coated tent surface reflects sunlight to...
  • Spacious Space & Portability: The tent is 47.2" L x 47.2" W x 74.8" H when open,...
  • Upgraded Version: Compared to an ordinary shower tent, this one is specially...


  • 360 ̊ventilation
  • UV-protected
  • Durable tent fabric
  • Rain cover and bottom mat included


  • Requires practice to fold up

Detailed Review

Whether you’re camping, boating, hunting, fishing, or enjoying your favourite outdoor activity, the WOLFWISE Pop-up privacy tent is a great camping accessory. The 4.4 pounds lightweight, flexible design allows the privacy pop-up to set up in a few seconds. The interior is roomy and spacious, thanks to the 47.2 “x 47.2” x 74.8” expanded dimensions. Mesh rooftop and two zipper vents allow plenty of fresh air and light while fully maintaining privacy.

When it comes to durability and functionality, the tent fabric is 191-D nylon waterproof polyester coated with silver to provide all-day UV protection. Being UPF 50+, it absorbs sunlight to create a shelter while the double-sided zipper allows for easy access in and out of a privacy tent. Moreover, the steel telescopic flexible frame is durable to withstand outer elements.

You also get ample space to hold clothes or other items like phones, tablets, toiletries in the storage bag sewn on the tent’s interior. Besides, there’s a clothesline to hang a towel or changing clothes. Also, it folds flat and compact to 23.2 x 23.2 x 1.4 inches size and comes with a very convenient carry bag with handles to easily carry it around.

Campers appreciate its quick setup, large entrance, and included metal stakes to secure the tent in windy conditions. Few complain that they had bit difficulty folding it up. Overall, WOLFWISE pop-up privacy is a reliable and durable camp toilet tent.

WolfWise 6.6FT Portable Pop Up Privacy Tent

Wolfwise Shower Privacy Toilet Tent Beach Portable Changing Dressing Camping Pop Up tents Room Sun...
  • Ergonomic Design & Ventilation: Measuring 47.2” L x 47.2” W x 78.7” H when...
  • Pop Up Design & 4 Sandbags: The tent pops up in no time without the use of poles...
  • Superior Construction: Made of anti-tear 190T water-repellent polyester for...


  • Mesh rooftop
  • 190T polyester fabric
  • Shower opening
  • Weather-proof
  • Removable rain-fly


  • No floor mat

Detailed Review

Suppose you want flexibility, comfort, and privacy to answer whenever or wherever Mother Nature may call or need a private place to change. In that case, the WOLFWISE 6.6FT pop-up privacy tent can be an excellent option. This 47.2” x 47.2” x 78.7” tent has a rugged design with industrial quality and accessorized for your maximum convenience and comfort during camping. It’s made of high-quality 190T waterproof polyester and mosquito mesh netting for ventilation. Besides, the tent is equipped with a unique open shower design at the top; slide the hose into the opening to enjoy a cold shower during an outdoor camping trip.

Setup is a breeze; although it opens up in seconds and manages free-standing, this WOLFWISE privacy tent also comes with 4 Guy lines, tensioners, and eight pegs to securely set up during the windy day. As a bonus, the tent comes with another substitute; 4 sandbags and attachment metal hooks when pegs not suitable for rocky, sandy terrains. When not in use, the privacy tent folds up easily (24.4” x 24.4” x 1.4”), fitting into its convenient storage and carrying bag. With less than 2 inches thick, this folded tent can fit almost anywhere.

Users love that it’s loaded with extra accessories like a shower opening, a storage pouch, towel or clothes hanger, toilet paper holder, flashlight hanger, and zipper D-shaped large door. However, the 5.1lbs weight is a bit more than competitive privacy tents on the market, and there’s no floor mat included.

Qdreclod Outdoor Privacy Tent

Outdoor Privacy Tent Shower Tent Dressing Tent, Waterproof Portable Up Toilet Tents for Camping,...
  • The portable privacy tent is great for use as outdoor toilets, shower tent...
  • The tent is 120x120x180cm when open, providing a spacious interior shelter that...
  • The silver coated tent surface reflects sunlight to block up to 95% of the...


  • Mesh rooftop
  • 190T polyester fabric
  • Shower opening
  • Weather-proof
  • Removable rain-fly


  • No floor mat

Detailed Review

Qdreclod privacy tent is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a privacy shelter in an open field. The 62.99 x 62.99 x 94.48” spacious tent is not only suitable for using the toilet or showering; you can use it as a shelter for the beach, fishing, hunting, festivals, and much more.

Designed to last, this premium 210D polyester tarpaulin made privacy tent is UPF 50+ UV-resistant and features a sturdy rust-proof iron cross frame with hook-and-loop construction. It offers an opaque private space for changing, restrooms, or showers. Plus, it’s tear-proof, dirt-resistant, and protects from harmful sun rays. There’s double-layered back that can be opened for ventilation while the top and rear window design are convenient to place or take out clothes from the clothesline outside.

To make it more convenient for campers to shower comfortably, there’s a Removable PE floor mat and an attachment hook on top that can hang up to 20L shower bag. Moreover, it has three useful storage bags inside to keep your toiletries and other items. The tent goes up or folds in seconds, making it easy to store and travel with. Besides, it comes with a 21” carry bag.

For an outdoor toilet, it has excellent anti-voyeur features that users are grateful for. No person can see through it! The 94.48’’ height is ideal for tall people. Although it has lots of useful features, some find it tricky to fold it back. The shower tent is light and durable; no breaks, deforming, or rust was noticed when used for all weathers.

Oshidede Pop Up Changing Room Privacy Tent

Pop Up Changing Room Privacy Tent | Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Room, Camp Toilet, Foldable Rain...
  • PORTABLE PRIVACY TENT: The portable privacy tent is great for use as outdoor...
  • INSTANT INSTALLATION: The standing tent can be set up quickly and easily in just...
  • IMPRESSIVE FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Keep waterproof and the inner shelter...


  • Instant installation
  • UV and waterproof
  • Offers great privacy
  • Spacious tent


  • No shower opening

Detailed Review

The Oshidede pop-up tent is a perfect place to shower, use the camping toilet, and change clothes at the beach or outdoor camping. The tent is 47.24 x 47.24” wide, and 70.87” tall while weighs about 1600g only.

This portable toilet tent has a fibreglass frame that makes it sturdy yet so light in weight. It comes equipped with a storage pocket to store a phone or other belongings. Plus, there’s no hassle of tedious, time-consuming installations. Simply take out from the carrying bag and throw in the air; the tent pops up in a second. The included eight metal stakes, four ropes, and support poles keep the tent in place, so the wind doesn’t blow it away. The polyester fabric is rear-resistant, UV-protected, and has a 2000mm waterproof index.

Entry in and out of the tent is simple with the 2-side zipper door. On the other hand, it’s equally comfortable to fold back the tent into its carry bag. Airflow is enhanced with the presence of a rear window that can also be used for some light entry. You can get this privacy tent in an army green, yellow, and flower pattern.
Though there’s no shower head opening at the top, users tend to use the back window aperture to insert the shower hose.

Hook.s Shower Privacy Toilet Tent

Shower Privacy Toilet Tent,Portable Pop Up Privacy Changing Dressing tents,Beach Camping Toilet...
  • Instant Pop-up: The standing tent can be set up quickly and easily in just a few...
  • UV Protection: The silver coated tent surface reflects sunlight to block up to...
  • Ventilated Tent: 2 windows on side and back of the tent can effectively...


  • Multiple uses
  • Weather-proof
  • Well-ventilated
  • Durable zipper design
  • Storage pocket


  • No removable rain-fly and base mat

Detailed Review

The HOOK.S privacy toilet tent has multiple uses; it makes for an easy and quick shower room, dress changing room, hunting blind, privacy shelter, and mobile lavatory. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use! The tent comes into two sizes; the small one with 47 x 47 x 75” dimensions and other wider 59 x 59 x75”. Not only does this pop-up tent offer privacy, but the 190T polyester fabric also blocks 95% of the harmful UV rays from the sun. Thanks to its wide interior, there’s ample space inside so you won’t feel suffocated.

This shelter tent features a double zipper U-shaped door with a non-bottom design to let water flow to the ground while showering. Moreover, the silver-coating exterior reflects lights and forms an opaque curtain, so you have great privacy for the lavatory and shower. There are two breathable windows; one at the back and side of the tent, which ensures optimum airflow and ventilation. Small storage pockets offer plenty of space to store your belongings and toiletries.

Although the tent doesn’t come with rainfly, it has an enclosed roof design that provides excellent privacy and rain protection. On the whole, HOOK.S privacy tent is an incredible portable shelter for various uses.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Camping Toilet/ Privacy Tent

All the privacy tents mentioned above are unique in their way. It is essential to choose a toilet tent that suits your needs. So there are several things to know before buying the right pop-up tent.


When it comes to buying a toilet tent, privacy is a crucial factor to consider. Look for a tent that offers complete privacy from the public. Make sure the tent fabric is completely opaque and not see-through as this may allow outsiders to see who’s inside the tent. You don’t want a transparent or translucent tent when showering, using the lavatory, or changing clothes; the primary purpose of a privacy tent is lost. Therefore, opt for a toilet tent that provides a high level of privacy. Plus, a tent with a zipper-lock also enhances privacy and security.


Size is also an essential consideration for a privacy tent. These privacy shelters have varying sizes and width. A spacious wide tent is more comfortable than a small-sized narrow tent; a roomy interior benefits many uses. If you’re a tall person, it’s mandatory to get a tent with the right height. Plus, a wider tent allows more room to shower comfortably in the woods. The ideal tent height for tall adults should be about 5-6ft depending on your needs. So, one must pay attention to the tent’s dimensions to ensure it comfortably fit all fellow campers or users at the campsite.

Weight and portability 

Weight is related to the ease of carrying your privacy tent around. A lightweight, portable privacy tent is comfortable to carry when car camping, backpacking, hiking, or to bring on festivals and events. Look for toilet tents that fold down to a diameter of 20 to 24” with a weight range of 3-6lbs. Tents that fold up in circular design are far better than square-shaped ones. However, remember that a very lightweight tent is very unstable during winds.


Putting up a privacy tent should be a quick and straightforward procedure. That is why all the toilet tents mentioned above feature a pop-up design that opens within a few seconds. Setting or folding the tent must be user-friendly, as some campers find it difficult to fold up their privacy tents after use. Foldable pre-assembled tents are easy to open and takedown.


Materials that make up the toilet tent determine the stability, durability, and functionality. Therefore, take notice of the tent frame, structure, and fabric materials. Look for tent materials that are sturdy, waterproof, weather-resistant, and offer excellent UV protection. The best fabrics are Nylon and 109T polyester because they are mould, mildew, and water-resistant. These durable fabrics also provide a great deal of UV protection at the beach, lakeside, campsite, or backyard. Another thing to pay attention to is the tent poles; they must be sturdy, robust, and stable to withstand winds. Steel, aluminium, and fibreglass frame are some pop-up tent frame options. Although steel is the most robust and reliable one, it’s quite heavy, while fibreglass is lightweight. Make sure all tent materials are designed in such a way to withstand outer elements.

Ventilation and light

Ventilation is significant to prevent stifling humidity or moisture build-up inside a toilet tent. So, one will appreciate a privacy tent with mesh windows at the back or sides to offer maximum air ventilation. You don’t want to suffocate yourself in the name of privacy! A good privacy tent is the one that keeps a balance of ventilation and natural light. The opaque tent fabric for privacy makes the inside dark, so most of the tents come with meshed or transparent rooftops. This lets the natural light to come in from the top without compromising your privacy.

Wind resistance

Breezy weather or strong winds at the campsite can blow away your lightweight privacy tent. Choose a pop-up tent that has a significant level of wind resistance naturally. Strong, robust poles also help a lot when we talk about wind resistance. Furthermore, the best way to secure a toilet tent is to stake it to the ground. Most of the free-standing privacy tents come with additional metal stakes, guylines, or sandbags to securely set up the tent during the strong breeze.

Additional features

Getting something extra is always a good thing. Look for privacy tents that are fully accessible with other elements. This includes storage pockets, tower hanger, clothesline, shower opening, removable floor base, extra hooks, shelves, rainfly, and much more.


  • Does the camping toilet smell if I put it on a privacy tent?

No, most of the privacy tents are well-ventilated and allows air to circulate properly. This neutralizes the camping toilet odour. Make sure to use septic enzyme-based chemicals for the camp chemical toilet to eliminate the smell.

  • Do pop up toilet tents need pegs?

Though all pop-up privacy tents are free-standing but aren’t designed to withstand heavy winds, if your campsite has windy weather, you need pegs or stakes to pitch pop-up privacy tent. Otherwise, your tent will move or blow away by strong winds even if you’re using it. Plus, you require guy wires, tensioners, and a set of other equipment like a hammer. If the terrain is not suitable for pegs, you can use sandbags with ropes on four sides to add weight. This adds stability and increases wind resistance.

  • Do pop up privacy tents leak if it rains?

Yes, if pop-up privacy tent has an open-roof or mesh-top design, it’s likely to leak if it’s raining outside. Also, the tent fabric being non-water repelling causes privacy tent to leak. To solve this leaking issue, choose a tent that’s made waterproof or water-resistant material. To cover the top, you must add a waterproof tent fly or tarp.


Get a pop-up toilet tent and have complete privacy from the public at the campsite and on the go. So, a privacy tent is a must-have accessory for your next outdoor camping adventure. You can set up a privacy tent effortlessly at anyplace you like; forest, pool or roadside, beach, backyard.

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