Best Camping Cafetiere in the UK

All camping enthusiasts know the need to enjoy rich-tasting coffee in the morning for a fresher start or after a long tiring day of hiking or mountaineering. So, that is why you require a portable camping press to enjoy instant coffee anywhere you want. Since there are many French presses available which ideal for camping, some might not be able to brew the type of coffee you prefer. Read below to choose the right cafetiere from the best camping French presses on the market.

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Why is the French press coffee a quality coffee?

French press, also known as cafetiere, is a handy coffee brewing device that makes delicious quality coffee instantly without spending lots of money. As compared to high-end espresso machines, a cafetiere look like travel-friendly coffee mugs that people use to make the best-tasting coffee.

Unlike other coffee machines with filter papers which soak up all the oils, fats, and flavours from coffee grounds, French press adds a little pinch of coffee grounds into the coffee to enhance the flavour. Everything goes into the cup except for the impurities and coffee grounds. A rich taste with total saturation of oils and coffee grounds gives your coffee a different yet mouth-watering flavour than percolator or drip machine. A French press coffee also tastes better because of the steeping of coffee grounds for a few minutes. Besides, the cafetiere maintains the right temperature of the water throughout the coffee brewing process to prepare the best-tasting coffee.

Best UK Camping Cafetieres for 2020

GSI Personal Cafetiere

Users appreciate its durability, ease of use, cleaning, and rich coffee flavours that go into the water.


  • Lightweight
  • Travel-friendly
  • BPA-free
  • 30 fl. Oz capacity


  • Doesn’t come with filter papers

Detailed Review

No need to compromise on coffee during outdoor adventures, this two-piece GSI French press and coffee mug is a portable cafetiere to enjoy rich, warm coffee even in the wilds. Ultra-lightweight, the cafetiere weighs only 10.3 oz. while holds 30 fl. Oz of coffee that is perfect for 2-3 people serving on the go.

Very easy and straightforward to use, all you have to do is add coffee, water, stir, steep, and then press. Use two tablespoons of coffee or tea for every 6 oz. of water to make the best quality coffee. French press features a silicone plunger, and a filter that eliminates ‘blow-by’ to give you mud-free, clean, and flavorful coffee. Both pieces of the cafetiere set have insulated nesting design to keep coffee hot for a longer time; removable nylon-wrapped ballistic cosies with a BPA-free plastic bottle inside.

The French press also has a removable insulated lid and a collapsible handle. By twisting the lid, the pour-through lid allows you to pour into the coffee mug that comes along easily. Plus, cleaning is super easy, which makes it convenient to use outdoors.
Almost all camping fans who are coffee lovers recommend this French press to take along camping or backpacking trips. Users appreciate its durability, ease of use, cleaning, and rich coffee flavours that go into the water.

Stanley Legendary Classic French Press

Thanks to the dual-wall vacuum insulation, your warm coffee will remain hot for about 4-5 hours while an iced drink can stay cold for 20hours.


  • Vacuum insulated double-wall construction
  • Leak-proof
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Loops and clips for attachment
  • 470ml high capacity


  • Slightly heavy

Detailed Review

The vacuum steel French press bottle by Stanley features 18/8 stainless steel construction that is sturdy and won’t rust. Thanks to the dual-wall vacuum insulation, your warm coffee will remain hot for about 4-5 hours while an iced drink can stay cold for 20hours. So easy to use and clean; the durable press inside is removable for easy cleaning, this travel mug is 100% dishwasher safe as well.

Leak-proof design with a vacuum-sealed tight screw-off lid makes it fully packable; you don’t have to worry about spills, drips, or leakage inside the bag. Plus, if you want to carry in hand or attach this sturdy travel French press mug to backpack, there are folding loops and clips. This makes it great for camping, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, and much more.

The dual-walled thermos by Stanley is a great travel French press mug to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee anywhere you want! Buyers like its large capacity to make delicious fresh coffee outdoors without any hassle.

Camping Titanium Mug & Coffee Pot

Not just a travel mug, this camping titanium cup from Bestargot is a multi-functional travel pot is your French press, tea, soup, and noodles maker.


  • High-density fine filtration
  • Large 750ml capacity
  • 55mm Titanium construction
  • Lightweight
  • Low and high temperature-resistant


  • Poor insulation

Detailed Review

Not just a travel mug, this camping titanium cup from Bestargot is a multi-functional travel pot is your French press, tea, soup, and noodles maker. This all-in-one outdoor mug is constructed from 100% pure 0.55 thick titanium and is super-strong. The Bestargot coffee pot and camping mug are safe; it doesn’t feature any chemical coating yet its corrosion-resistant, bacteria inhibitive, and eco-friendly. Titanium material provides durability while keeps the mug ultra-lightweight; 220g when filled.

To prepare a fresh cup of coffee in the forest, the titanium mug has a stainless steel high-density super French press filtering system. This effectively filters any coffee residues to offer smooth taste, clean and tasty coffee. Thanks to the maximum 750ml capacity, you can easily make coffee for the whole group in this 10 x 10 x 13cm portable mug. Loaded with many useful features, it has an 8cm hanging handle for the bonfire and foldable handles on the side. You can quickly pour coffee or boiled water into cups via a small sprout. To keep track of the measuring capacity, the mug has ml and oz. gradation markings.

This titanium mug is a perfect option for outdoor activities where you need to prepare or heat coffee on open flames like bonfire or gas burners. Unlike other French press on the list, this mug features single-wall construction and may not perform well when it comes to insulation. Users appreciate that this cafetiere is lightweight and has versatile uses.

Espro Travel Coffee Press

This stainless steel mesh and dual filter system offer ten times richer coffee taste than a regular French press.


  • Leak-proof
  • Insulated walls keep drinking warm
  • Lightweight
  • Two extraction stages


  • No auto-shutoff

Detailed Review

The ESPRO coffee press features ESPRO’s patented double-wall filter design that has two layers of micro-fine stainless steel mesh with a BPA plastic-free housing on the exterior. This stainless steel mesh and dual filter system offer ten times richer coffee taste than a regular French press. Thanks to the compact, travel-friendly, and 345g lightweight design, it’s perfect for your camping trip. Not just a French press, it’s a travel mug as well; convert into a cup the removing the plunger stem and the filters. The ESPRO travel coffee press holds or makes about 11 ounces or 0.35 litres capacity of press coffee or tea.

Talking about the design, this cafetiere by ESPRO is constructed from a double-wall vacuum insulated steel design that keeps your drink hot for 4-5 hours. Plus, this black French press comes with a great dual-lid silicone seal that holds coffee in a place, prevents drips and leakage during travel and backpacking. Also, it comes with optional filter papers to sandwich between the two micro-fine mesh layers to get cleaner flavour coffee without oils.
So easy to use, the ESPRO travel press can be a great camping companion to enjoy coffee on the go. Users love its spill-proof design of this portable cafetiere that gives them a peace of mind to carry anywhere. The only downside is that the filter compacts coffee granules at the bottom, and this makes cleaning a bit tricky.

BODUM Travel French Press Coffee Maker

Its BPA-free double-wall stainless steel is vacuum-sealed to keep hot & cold drinks for longer than traditional travel mug.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Insulated dual-wall system
  • Durably constructed
  • Lightweight


  • Small capacity
  • Leakage from lid

Detailed Review

It’s easy to make fresh French press coffee in a travel mug with the BODUM travel French press even on the go. Simply put the coffee grounds at the mug’s bottom, add the required amount of boiled water, then wait for a minute and just press down the plunger to get delicious rich-tasting coffee instantly. This BPA-free double-wall stainless steel coffee maker is vacuum-sealed to keep hot drinks warm and cold beverages chilly for longer than traditional travel mug. Also, even when there’s a hot coffee inside, the exterior remains cool to the touch. To hold it comfortably in hand, it features a colourful silicone easy-grip band around the body while also has a rubber anti-slip base to avoid spillage.
Tea drinkers need not worry, as this press works just the same for tea. The press system allows you to steep tea or coffee for as long or little you like.
The BODUM travel press comes with an additional lid so you can also use it as a commuter mug; not just for coffee or tea. This fantastic travel mug holds about 12 oz and is totally dishwasher safe.
This is an excellent option for those who want a great fresh cup of coffee on the go. Many campers enjoy its fresh, flavorful coffee while some complaint about leakage from the sealed lid. Also, a 350ml capacity makes coffee for a single or two people only.

Zyliss Travel French Press and Coffee Mug

The dual-wall insulation design maintains the hot temperature of your tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and other beverages.


  • BPA-free
  • Double-wall insulation
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight


  • Plastic made

Detailed Review

If you are looking for a cafetiere in a portable travel mug, the ZYLISS travel French press and coffee mug can be the right choice. This 12.1 x 8.9 x 11.4cm French press offers a hot cup of perfect coffee no matter where you are. Place ground coffee of your choice inside the ZYLISS mug, fill it with warm water, and then place the fine mesh filter into the press to brew perfect fresh coffee. A tight lid secures the content when you’re on the go. Fine filters firmly press the grounds at the bottom and keep them out of coffee, so you get a clean richer taste. Moreover, the dual-wall insulation design maintains the hot temperature of your tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and other beverages.

For those who need a small cup of fresh coffee on the go, there’s no need to brew a full pot of coffee. The ZYLISS cup has 10 oz capacity that is ideal for a single serving. The plastic construction makes it super lightweight and portable. Plus, it’s to clean in a dishwasher.
Though many users say that it’s a great travel mug, most of them don’t like its flimsy plastic construction. It’s not a suitable choice for backpacking, can’t throw it in your bag.

Things to Consider Before Buying a French Press

There are a few features that you need to consider, so you buy the right camping cafetiere.

  • Materials 

Materials and construction are essential to look at when it comes to the French press. The common materials used for the French press are stainless steel, titanium, plastic, glass, and acrylic. You need a one that’s durable and lasts for all your future camping trips. An all-glass French press doesn’t have exterior caging material, it may look appealing, but it’s not meant for travel use as glass liners are prone to breakage. Some of the French presses are made of a combination of glass, metal, and a little bit of plastic.

Stainless steel, metal, or plastic French press is great for travel, durable, and lightweight. However, the big downside is that you can’t see the brewing process, so make sure you keep track of time.

  • Capacity and size

Brew capacity and size of the cafetiere also matters a lot. It all depends on how much coffee you need to make to serve camp fellows or the amount of coffee you drink. Many travel French press options give you the ability to make just one cup while some cafetiere has 0.5-liter capacity. Single-cup smaller cafetiere is perfect if you need to brew for yourself only. Opt for a large size camping French press if you drink a lot of coffee or have to serve other campers. 

  • Filtration system

Another significant thing to consider is the filtration as this affects the type of coffee you need to make. The most common is the classical wire mesh filter at the bottom of the press that separates the coffee grounds from the rest of the water or coffee in decanter. If you prefer drinking mud-free, fresh coffee without any grits, it’s better to choose the French press with two or more wire mesh filters which make sure no coffee grounds get into your coffee.

  • Heat retention

Thermal retention or insulation makes sure that your coffee tastes good even after a few hours. Different camping coffee presses allow you to store coffee for a longer time than others. Well-insulated double-thick wall construction maintains the temperature and prevents heat loss, so you don’t have to heat it again. They keep coffee nice and hot for about 4-5 hours. So if you’re looking for the best heat retention in a French press, choose a stainless steel one to have a better warm cup of coffee each time.

  • Travel-friendly 

Choosing a French press for camping has to be compact and travel-friendly. Lightweight, durable, practical, and simple to use in a few steps are the characteristics of camping French press. They look more like travel mugs or portable thermos with a sealed lid but have French press inside.

What is the best way to use a cafetiere?

Follow the easy steps below to make a delicious cup of coffee without any silty-sludgy compacted grounds at the bottom.

  1. Always pre-heat the French press vessel with hot water. This makes it warm and offers excellent heat retention.
  2. As the most flavorful coffee starts with the ground coffee beans, it’s better to freshly grind the roasted coffee beans. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can always use pre-ground coffee. Measure the scoops of ground coffee; for every 4 oz. of water, add 6-8 grams of ground coffee into the fresh press. Also, the scoop measurement depends on your coffee preference; change the amount to make it lighter or stronger.
  3. Boil water and when it comes to a full boil, wait for 30-40 seconds and then pour slowing it into French press so that coffee grounds are well soaked to enhance taste and flavour. Water that is too cold or hot affects the extraction and coffee brewing process and leads to less flavorful coffee.
  4. Stir with a wooden spoon, place the lid on top and let it sit for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Slowly plunge, pour, and enjoy.


  • How long do you wait to press a French press?

It takes 4 minutes to brew the perfect cup of coffee in a French press. So the moment you add hot water on coffee grounds, start counting to 4 minutes. Once the coffee brewing is finished, press down the plunger slowly and pour the coffee to enjoy.

  • What is the difference between French press and drip?

The major differences between French press and drip coffee maker are the taste, coffee brewing process, and the amount of work involved. A drip coffee maker boils water automatically and drops it into the coffee grounds pile which is all filters via papers, with the help of gravity. Whereas a French press is a pot in which the user adds coffee grounds and hot water together. A mesh wire filter is pushed through the pot from top to bottom slowly. This forces all the coffee grounds to the bottom while letting water pass through. French press results in a more concentrated and strong coffee while coffee prepared from drip-maker usually has a mild light taste since coffee grounds are not pressed.

  • Should you stir a French press?

During the brewing process, a crust of coffee grounds forms on the top of the water. Yes, you should stir to break this crust to make sure all coffee grounds are incorporated into the hot water. Stirring allows those particles to sink it to the bottom.


If you love French press coffee and want to do all on-the-go or during outdoor activities, get yourself a camping cafetiere. It’s is a great way to prepare coffee anyplace or anytime. Choose from the above best camping French presses to drink a deliciously rich cup of coffee that’s easy to make in a few minutes.

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