Can Camping Chairs Get Wet?

You just returned from a daylong hike and are now relaxing on your camping chair and enjoying the view. But suddenly, the sky starts getting dark and the ground slightly wet. Yes, it is beginning to rain.

You do a quick mental check of your camping gear and its water resistance. Is there any chance of your tent leaking? Can your camp table withstand the heavy rain? And most importantly, can you leave your camping chairs outside?

Can Camping Chairs Get Wet

So, are your camping chairs water-resistant, and can you leave them out under the pouring sky?  Fortunately, the answer is yes. The camping chairs are usually waterproof, and you can leave them outdoors without any fear of ruining them.

But what makes these chairs resistant to water? Well, the answer lies in their construction material and the fabric used. 

So, let’s take a look at the different fabrics used for the camping chairs’ construction and how they can be affected by water. 

The Fabrics

The fabrics for camping chairs are selected for their breathability and sturdiness. The fabric is skillfully stitched and wrapped around the frame to form the exterior of your chair. Some also have supplementary cushions, and pads put into them, which further increases the cloth’s water endurance capacity.

Campers often prefer simpler and light fabrics to help reduce the baggage and to facilitate faster hikes. Here are some commonly used fabrics and their activity against water. 

  • Polyester

Even though it is a little less sturdy than nylon, this synthetic fiber is budget-friendly and waterproof. Unfortunately, its threads are woven so that when soaked in water, the water enters the gaps, and the chair gets wet. However, since it can get easily dried, it stays protected from water stains and other severe effects.

Polyester camping chairs are not 100% water-resistant unless treated with a water-repellent material or coated with PVC.

  • Canvas

If you own an older camping chair, it is most likely made up of cotton or canvas. The thicker and more durable cotton is a suitable alternative for heavier weights. But for water endurance? Not so much.

It is well-known that cotton is extremely absorbent, and its fibers can easily soak the water up. Consequently, its drying time is also prolonged; thus, we recommend you put your camping chairs under the sun to speed up the process. 

However, juices and other colored liquids can easily stain your canvas camping chairs, so don’t forget to take the necessary precautions.

  • Mesh

Camping chairs made from mesh consists of innumerable holes of varied sizes, which promotes breathability and makes your chair durable.

The cloth is created by artificial knitting fabrics like polyester and nylon together. And generally, nylon mesh has the upper hand over polyester ones due to their sleek and smooth feel and lightweight. 

But how does water affect a mesh camping chair? Given its numerous large holes, water can easily pass through this fabric and, therefore, reduce this camping gear’s water resistance.

What should you do if your camping chair gets wet?

While camping chairs are waterproof and are not severely impacted by rain, puddles, or other liquids, it is also necessary that one does his due diligence to ensure that the pristine condition of his camping chair remains maintained.

Before heading back to your home, make sure that your camping chair is completely dried and does not contain any water. This will reduce the possibility of fading and water stains-  and hence will expand the longevity of your chair.

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