6 Best Camping Fridges & Cool Boxes in the UK

best camping fridge and coolboxes featured

If you love camping and often plan a trip with friends, family, and loved ones, a fridge explicitly designed for the purpose is necessary. It ensures that your food remains cold and fresh during your stay. 

A coolbox is an excellent choice to keep your food cold for a couple of days, but opting for a fridge is a better choice if you have a more extended trip planned. However, the most important things remain to choose the product that fits your requirements. 

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How to Fix a Broken Seam on an Air Mattress

air matress leak fix

Although great for camping trips and extra home beds, there comes the point when you have to fix a leaky air mattress. Since it’s an air mattress, holes, puncture, or broken seams will eventually turn your comfy mattress into a thin flat sheet. No matter how much air you pump into the mattress, it deflates after a while. Watch out, there may be some broken seams or tiny holes! 

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Best Pop Up Toilet/ Privacy Tents in the UK

best privavy tents featured

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All outdoor and camping enthusiasts know the importance of pop-up toilets as these portable, easy setup toilets offer complete privacy at campsites, beaches, picnics, festivals, or during travel. Even though you’re out in the wilderness, privacy may still be an issue, but not if you own a pop-up toilet tent. Also known as privacy tents, these tents have several uses; it acts both as a shower tent and a private spot to change clothes when camping.

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Types of Tent Pegs – Which should you use?

types of tent pegs

All camping enthusiasts know that pegs are essential to secure tents, awnings, and tarps firmly to the ground. Also famous as a tent stake, tent peg is usually in the form of spike with a hole or a hook on its top-end that attaches to ropes or tent material while the other end drives into the ground. They not only hold your tent in place against storm, wind, or rain, tent pegs also retains the tent’s shape.

Choosing the correct tent pegs is significant for the environment you’ll be camping in. They ensure that the shelter is dry, protected, and secure during rough weather. There are many types of tent pegs on the market that come in different sizes and materials.

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