Coleman Classic vs. Triton vs. Dual-Fuel Camping Stoves

Coleman stoves are perfect for cooking breakfast to dinner meals during outdoor camping, fishing, hunting, backyard parties, beach, picnic, or preparing food in emergencies. If you’re having a hard time choosing the right model, scroll down to know about the 3 Coleman’s most famous 2-burner propane camping stoves.

Coleman Classic Stove

classic propane stove

As the name suggests, this is a classic stove model with two flame burners to prepare top-class meals wherever you want. It’s a portable unit that runs on propane gas and is intended for outdoor use in year-round seasons. The Coleman Classic offers a large cooking area to prepare food for all campmates, yet it folds compact. Once lighted, the burners start to adjust to the right temperature, thanks to PerfectHeat Technology. The stove features two wind block shields or flaps at both left and right sides to prevent wind from blowing running flame.

Each high 10,000-BTU burner has its independent control knob to adjust the pressure to keep the heat steady. It comes with a propane connector, so easily connect to the propane tank without any hassle. The steel metal grate cooktop is rust-resistant and removable for easy cleanup after cooking.

Coleman Triton

coleman triton

Another portable camping stove with excellent cooking power, the Coleman Triton is a 2-burner propane-powered unit to cook for everyone at the campsite. It comes with a propane adapter for easy fuel-tank attachment. This workhorse features two stainless 11,000 BTUs burners with 22,000 BTUs total heat. A chrome-plated grate can hold two large pans simultaneously and is removable for easy, quick cleaning. Plus, the aluminized cooktop is not only durable for outdoor use; it’s also a breeze to clean up. The 2 Windblock flaps, when clipped into sides, shield the lit flame from blowing wind. 

These wind baffles can also fold in easily to adjust larger size pans or when packing the stove. Rugged steel construction and a heavy-duty latch secures the top lid and allows storing it in compact tight spaces neatly for transport. Thanks to its 0.25lbs weight and handle at the stove’s bottom, it’s easier to carry and move around the campsite.

Coleman Dual-Fuel Stove

Coleman Guide Series Dual-Fuel

This compact stove is excellent for camping, fishing, a hiking trip, or any outdoor adventure without taking up much storage space. It features fuel-efficient Band-a-Blu 2 adjustable burners that run on either unleaded gasoline or Liquid Fuel by Coleman. This offers steady, consistent heat of a combined 14,000 BTUs while consuming less fuel from the metal fuel tank attached. Wind-blocking design with two large baffles easily clips into the sides to protect the flame from flutter and blow out by the sudden wind.

There is enough stovetop space to hold two 10”pans or pots on the chrome-plated grate to concurrently cook different foods. It features classic suitcase-style steel housing with a latch and carrying handle on the front. This Dual-fuel offers reliable performance outdoors throughout the year, thanks to the “All-Season Strong technology.” This portable gas-powered stove functions well in all seasons and conditions, ranging from summer parties and tailgates to winter camping and hunting trips.


These Coleman camping stoves may sound similar, but they are unique in their ways. 

Dimensions and size 

Though all three green-painted stoves have folding lid top designs and locks in with latch, they have different sizes and weights. Coleman Classic measures 10.2 x 55.6 x 34.8cm and weighs just 0.25lbs. It’s the most lightweight and portable option of all. Triton measures 35.2 x 14.6 x 58.6cm while weighs 4.85lbs. The dual-fuel stove is 48.3 x 35.6 x 17.8cm in size and 12lbs in weight, making it slightly heavy than the other two camp stove options.

Cooking surface 

When compared, the Coleman Dual-fuel has less cooking area than Classic and Triton stoves. However, it can still easily accommodate two large-size 10” pans or pots. Coleman Triton offers more cooking area to fit one 12” and a 10” pans yet has ample space to stow griddle in between 11” space of 2 burners. Though the griddle is separately sold, it still has the largest cooking surface among the three camping stoves. This lets you fry meat and make coffee at the same time. Coleman Classic has plenty of cooking surface for a 12” and a 10” pan collectively. There’s no optional griddle accessory for Classic and dual-fuel stoves.


The Coleman classic offers a total of 20,000 BTUs power, 10,000 BTUs for each burner, while the Triton series 2-burner stove has a combined 22,000 BTUs Power. The dual-fuel stove has a total cooking power of 14,000 BTU.


Both Classic and Triton are propane-powered stoves that incorporate PerfectHeat technology to ensure infinite flame adjustments and PerfectFlow technology for each burner to have steady fuel supply and heat even during extreme conditions. Both the stoves come with fuel adapters to screw in a single 16 oz propane tank that offers a 1-hour runtime.

The Coleman Dual-fuel stove gets a bit different here. It’s powered by leaded petrol or Coleman’s camp fuel that fills into the fuel tank included. This tank is internally coated with a mist of epoxy paint to prevent rusting and allows you to use it for a long time. Dual Fuel technology efficiently generates steady heat using less fuel. The check valve maintains the fuel tank pressure as you pump it from the side and leak-proof. 


Once the propane tank is correctly loaded, the Classic and Dual-fuel stove is lit using a butane lighter or lighted match near the burner while turning the knob. Triton series stove has a piezo igniter switch that’s a built-in igniter. It automatically lights up the flame and pumps up 12,000 BTUs per burner by simply turning the knob all the way down to the bottom. Triton doesn’t require you to carry a lighter or matchbox during a camping trip. For the Classic and Dual-fuel tank, you must have a lighter.

Burner type 

The dual-fuel stove uses the famous Band-a-Blu burners that were introduced in 1929. It’s the series of stainless steel rings that go together to make a non-clogging burner. Burners used for Classic and Triton have patent-pending technology that offers fast boiling and cooking times, even in adverse cold conditions.


Another variation is the price. Coleman Classic retails at £127.51 while Triton is available at above £200. The dual-fuel stove ranges from £170 to 189 in price.


Coleman has a wide variety of stoves designed for camping purposes. These portable stoves bring home cooking convenience to any outdoor camping trip. Overall, all of these do a good job and will meet most of your camping stove needs for unrivaled outdoor cooking. These 2-burner stoves can help you prepare a full camp feast real quick.

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