How Can I Make My Camping Chair More Comfortable?

A camping chair is undoubtedly one of the most fundamental and essential elements of camping gear. Like your sleeping bag and your camping tent, a good, reliable camping chair can be the source of a comfortable and fruitful outdoor trip. After daylong hiking or trekking, being able to loosen up and relax on a comfy chair makes all your hustle worthy and gets you prepared for the next day. 

If you have ever sat in a camping chair, you would know that they are far from comfortable. Since their main goal is to take up as little space as possible and be portable, they are explicitly designed to conform to these needs and therefore lack in the comfort department.

But can you make your camping chair more comfortable? 

The answer is yes! With the tips mentioned below, not only can you make your chair comfier, but you also can ensure a relaxing reclining camping experience for yourself. 

How Can I Make My Camping Chair More Comfortable

Here are some ways to make your camping chair more comfortable:

Add extra cushions and seat pads

As mentioned above, camping seats are designed to take up minimal space, and since padding requires a lot of space, most camping chairs contain no or minimal padding.

But this issue can be easily solved by buying some seat cushions to support your hips and thighs and ensure an upright sitting posture.

From your regular gel pads to the more complex backrest and butt foam cushions, numerous paddings options are available on the market to accommodate every camper’s needs.

Purchase a footstool to help you stretch your legs 

Stretching your legs and straightening your hips is a must for every camper after hours of walking or driving. But what if you can’t find a log or flat stone nearby?

Don’t worry, since now, you can carry your footrest anywhere you go. However, while some camping chairs come with a built-in footrest, you may have to buy a footstool for those who don’t. And let us tell you, a comfortable and good footstool is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to make your camping seat snugger and more liveable.

How about some Cupholders?

Ok, so now your back is relaxed, and your legs are stretched, but where to keep your drinks while chatting with your friends all night long?

A cupholder is well-suited for this job, and this accessory can be found anywhere and everywhere without compromising your storage space or budget. So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t forget to pack your blankets for the night 

No matter how comfortable your camping chair is, it is of no use if it can’t protect you from the harsh and cold forest nights.

So, why not include a blanket with your camping seat? This addition is usually free of cost since every house is filled with at least a dozen blankets, but if you are looking for a camping-specific blanket, that too can be easily arranged online or through any local store.

Mount an umbrella on your chair to keep yourself protected from the rays and the rain

Just because it’s pouring doesn’t mean you have to get back inside your tent. With an umbrella mounted over your chair, you can enjoy a good sunny or rainy day without worrying about getting tan or wet.

Chair feet for your camping chair

Are you tired of your chair sinking or tilting to one side every time you sit on it?  If yes, you better get your hands on good chair feet.

These removable chair clamps stabilize your chair and prevent your tent sheets from “sinking” damage.

Or simply get a new and better camping chair!

Accessorizing your camping chair can get costly at times, so why not simply invest in a better camping chair with a built-in cup tray, umbrella mounts, footrest, and increased padding?

Although they lie on the expensive side, their numerous benefits outshine the price and make them a more promising choice in the long term. 


Camping is all about enduring hardships and enjoying nature. But a comfortable camping chair can ease up your camping experience and help you appreciate the beauty of wildlife without any fear or worry. 

We hope that the ways mentioned above will be beneficial for your future camping adventure. Happy camping everyone!

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