How to Choose a Camping Chair

There is nothing better than kicking back and relaxing around a campfire after a hectic week. It allows you to relax those stiff muscles and rewind. However, it would not be comfortable to sit on some bumpy rocks or plain grass. What you require is a camping chair. In this article, you will learn how to choose one.

How Do I Choose A Camping Chair

However, before buying a camping chair, we must ask ourselves. What are our specific requirements? Do we want a chair on which we will be resting for hours? Or maybe we are focusing on compactness and ease of assembly. 

To understand what camping chair is the right one for us, we must first look at the types of camping chairs.

Broadly there are three types:

  1. Basic
  2. Mid ranged 
  3. Luxury

Basic camping chairs have a minimalistic look and are relatively cheaper for their value. They include:

Mid-range camping chairs are not too cheap but not as expensive as luxury chairs and have additional functions. They include:

As the name suggests, Luxury camping chairs have comfort embedded into them and have various additional functions. They include:

  • Recliners
  • Hammocks
  • Rocking chairs

Things to consider when opting for camp chairs

  • Quality: It might seem pretty obvious, but it is essential to consider the quality of the existing material at hand when choosing a camping chair. The outer frame and the interwoven cotton or polyester fabric must be such that they should be light and durable. 
  • Weight: It is essential to realize that not all camping chairs can support the same weight. This particular specification can easily be overlooked. There are specialized heavy-duty chairs, for example, if you need some extra weight capacity.
  • Additionals: Extra features that play a role in improving the comfort of the camping chair, such as a headrest, footrest, and cup holders, while increasing the cost, are worth every penny spent in the long run. 
  • Set up: Some camping chairs are easy to use, while others require more assembling. This is an important factor to consider because one might be traveling more often, so those that travel more should consider the more comfort-oriented setup for improved quality of rest. 

Depending on the use of the camping chairs

  • Camping: Recliners are used for longer camping trips because individuals are out under the starry skies for hours. However, suppose one wishes to have a temporary escape into nature. In that case, they should opt for folding chairs instead of considering recliners as they have a more straightforward setup and can be loaded immediately.
  • Fishing: Some trips have the fishing element incorporated into them. For such individuals, they should consider buying stools for small catches or folding chairs with a fishing rod holder feature for bigger hauls.
  • Beaching: Are you thinking of retreating to a relaxing beach but not wanting sand to get into your pants Beach chairs are ideal for this as they have a low center of gravity, so they will not be blown away by those occasional wind gusts. All the while maintaining the ever so important style and comfort you need on the beach. 
  • Festivities: It is best to consider taking beach chairs and folding chairs with you for such occasions. It is primarily because it does not become a burden and can be easily transported from one fun spot to another. 

Camping chairs designs

  • The classic design: Four-legged, flat-surfaced with a good center of gravity to remain stable under all circumstances. This type of camping chair is affordable.
  • Rocking chairs: These chairs are meant to be played with and work especially well with those people who love to fidget in their places. 
  • Scooped chairs: These are made especially for those individuals who lack good posture and have some back issues. It is meant to ease the amount of strain on your back.
  • Three-legged chairs: One of the simplest camping chairs has less stability, but they make up for it with their light weightiness. 
  • Suspended chair: A relatively newer design, this camping chair is slightly more expensive because of its unique look, but it lets you swing in place without any concern for uneven ground.


When looking for camping chairs, one must delve into the various types and features offered by the multiple camping chairs to make your camping trip much more memorable. 

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