How to Keep Warm in a Tent: 6 Tips to Follow

When on camping, one wants to make the most out of this short period and connect with nature as much as possible. Most often, one thing that spoils all the camping vibes is the unbearable cold temperature capable of sending shivers down your spine.

To conquer activities like hiking, exploring, and traveling to unseen places, you need to have a peaceful night. For this, we have put together the best tips to follow to keep yourself warm in the tent.

Tips to keep your tent warm

Always keep some snacks by your bedside

Yes, you read it right. Snacks can be your ultimate weapon to fight off the cruel winters. The science behind this is fundamental since sugary things are the best at making your metabolism get back to the track; this process would generate internal heat. You will gradually feel as if your muscles are calming, and there’s a considerable decrease in the shiver waves. Moreover, it is also helpful in satisfying your sweet tooth and distract you from the surrounding temperature.

All you have to do is when you wake up cold, you can start chewing the snacks and notice your body getting back its lost warmth.

Go for a back-up sleeping bag

An extra sleeping bag can be your potential savior. It is because most of the time, the sleeping bags carry such a design that would smoothen out your functioning, which brings a decline in its efficiency. It may not be able to cope with the cold air usual at the high altitudes. This is why having an extra sleeping bag can be a source of a sound sleep and a fresh mind the next day.

Other than this, women bags are also relevant to this discussion. They are spacious, have a high insulation aspect, and are longer as well. If you are a tall person, we recommend you go with the latter one. 

Gear up with a hot water bottle

This is probably the easiest tip that won’t take much effort. A hot water bottle is indispensable when it comes to the tent essentials. When it is below zero out there, all you have to do is to boil the water and pour it in your plastic water bottle. You may place it wherever you prefer, but the precise spot is near the legs. The femoral artery receives this heat and distributes it to the whole body.

If you feel that the water is too hot, you can wrap your blanket around it and use it. It is the premium hack to keep you warm for good long hours.

Portable heaters

If you want to go with modern innovation to sort out this issue, then portable heaters won’t disappoint you. They are light-weight, user-friendly, and warm up your tent within minutes. You won’t have to boil the water or sleep on multiple layers anymore. There are such heaters available that are specifically made for the tents, i.e., adjust in the small space.

With this one, let us tell you beforehand that you have got to be careful, as any sort of irresponsibility may result in serious mishaps. You may start its usage by first going through the manual instruction that depicts a pictorial description.

Increase the gap between the sleeping bag and the ground

You may find it obvious but let us tell you that it is one of the most underrated tips. Increasing the gap between yourself and the ground is such a solution that you need not hunt for any other way. For instance, you may start by placing foam under your sleeping bag. If you find it too cold, place an inflatable on top of the foam; if the cold persists, you may go ahead with using your bag or the climbing rope.

Other than this, as mentioned above, we have suggested you carry an extra bag. This bag can also serve as an addition to the insulating layers.

Avoid going to a cold bed

Cold beds can be a real threat to good sleep, but it is a piece of cake to tackle this issue. You just have to do a few jumping jacks or squats before going to bed. This would increase your body heat, which can further warm up the bed. Another way can be to use the little rechargeable iron that people usually bring with the clothes, but this can result in wasting the iron’s charge, which not everyone can afford once in the mountains.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How cold is too cold to sleep in a tent?

To correctly answer the query, we can dissect it into two parts. For beginners, 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the most comfortable temperature; lower than this, like 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit can be inappropriate for the laymen, but experts may cope with it proficiently.

2) Can you heat a tent with a candle?

This is not only an inefficient way, but it can also cause fire accidents. Heating a tent with a candle isn’t worth recommending.

3) Is it safe to put a heater in the tent?

As mentioned above, it is a more straightforward solution but requires you to keep your eyes open 24/7, otherwise, there can be severe consequences.

4) Do tents hold heat?

There are such tents that have multiple insulation layers that can trap the heat. Other than this, regular tents are also good at minimizing the escaping heat.

5) How do you insulate a tent?

You can go for the tents with extra-strength insulation coating, besides, placing several sheets outside the tent is also helpful.


Lastly, there are infinite answers to keeping your tent warm; you can go either with the hacks or prefer modern innovations. It all depends on your budget and your expertise in handling the correct usage of tent heaters or other heating equipment at the end of the day.

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