How to Personalize a Camp Chair

Now is that time when summer starts rearing its head, and backyard barbecues, camping excursions, baseball tournaments, and other outdoor events are coming up. We are ready for a peaceful night around a campfire, and there’s no doubt!

Every outdoor activity requires seating. And custom chairs are a fun summer gift for families or other sporting activities. We can show you how to personalize a camp chair in that spirit!

How to Personalize a Camp Chair

Why Should I Personalize a Camp Chair?

You might be thinking, what’s the point in going through all the effort to customize a chair? Well, it’s an excellent idea for many situations, including:

  • You have a large group of kids in your family or school, and names on camp chairs mean no fights!
  • You can customize the back of your chair with a favorite minor leaguer number to show your support.
  • At family get-togethers, you’ll know which chair is yours in the plethora of other chairs around you.
  • You can put a monogram on it. And what’s not to like about a seal?
  • Kids particularly love to see things branded with their names on them. And it’ll be a wonderful gift for them for their next trip.
  • You have a team or business you want to represent at an outdoor event and want them to stand out in front of an audience or some clients.

What Supplies Do I Need for a Personalized Camp Chair?

A DIY camp chair might sound daunting at first. But don’t worry, it’s simple. And, you can find most of the items you’ll need online or at a local superstore. These include:

  • Camping chair you can find one almost anywhere. For example, Walmart has some decent color options for kids and adults.
  • Automatic or manual cutting machine.
  • Iron-on vinyl – you can pick one in your choice of color.
  • Weed hook.
  • Heat press with a mat.
  • Philips’s screwdriver.

Tip: Get your supplies online and pick them up at the store or use a drive-through. That way, you can have them within a day. Otherwise, you can select shipping and get them delivered!

How to Add a Name or Design to a Camp Chair

DIY camp chairs can include anything, from names to patterns and any other designs you want. You’ll need 15 minutes, and then you’ve got yourself a custom camp chair: Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create your name or design: You can use the text tool in your machine’s design space to write out and customize the name’s size or design.
  2. Start making it: Press the “make it” button to create the design.
  3. Mirror the design: Whenever you work with iron-on, you need to mirror your design. First, ensure that you’ve clicked the radio option on your mat screen. Then, click continue.
  4. Cut your iron-on: Connect the machine and choose “iron-on” as your material. Then, load the mat using the flashing arrow buttons, after which you’ll cut the iron-on using the flashing c button. The arrows then alert you once the cut finishes allowing you to unload your mat.
  5. Weed the design: With a weed hook, extract the excess iron-on to leave behind in your design.
  6. Prepare your camp chair: According to the chair’s size and design, you might need to get rid of the nylon section of the chair from its aluminum frame for a good heat press. Then, all you have to do is remove the screws on the chair’s rear side using a Philips screwdriver.
  7. Fix iron-on in position and preheat press: Place the iron-on in the center of the chair’s front or back, whichever side you want. Then, start your heat press and get it up to 300 degrees F.
  8. Use the iron-on: You’ll heat it to 300 degrees F for about thirty seconds with a heat press and then do a cool peel. First, you’ll want to make sure that you can see the material’s texture in the name. If you can’t, repeat the process.
  9. Let the design cool and take off the carrier sheet: Allow your design to cool, and then carefully peel back its carrier sheet to leave the iron on with the camping chair.
  10. Set the chair up again: If you had to remove the screws from the chair, now’s the time to put them back in to have your completed personalized camping chair!

How to Personalize Camp Chairs with Paint

Today’s camping chairs are mainly nylon since they can easily slip into a bag during your camping trips and travels. Sadly, while this makes the chairs lighter and easier to handle, it means you can’t iron them the fabric melting off. So, here’s how to personalize a camp chair with pain:


  • Stencils
  • Paint pens
  • Masking tape
  1. Set the chair up to start customizing: Take your chair out of its bag and assemble it on any grass outside under the shade. Press down any lock or lever to fix the chair in an open position.
  2. Position your customized stencil: Position your letter stencils across the chair’s back to create whatever name or brand you want. Then, stick the masking tape around the stencil to fix it.
  3. Color in your stencil: Color in the spaces in your stencil using paint from the paint pens. They all contain acrylic paint, which can dry up quickly. However, they’re easy to use and accurate, similar in size to an essential marker.
  4. Add more graphic stencils as you’d like: Surround your name with any other design stencils on the chair to further customize each one. You can add anything, from logos for brands and businesses to cute drawings for kids. You can also make some fun chairs for adults with designs like wine glasses, fish, quilt squares or other hobbies. Fill in each stencil with the pens using multiple colors.
  5. Finish up the personalization: Take off the stencil and tape. Finally, allow the paint to dry properly before using your chair. That usually can take up to 3 or 4 hours.

Tip: Keep the paint pens away from kids since acrylic paint is permanent. Also, check the chair to ensure that the paint is dry before use.

So, that’s how to personalize a camp chair! Simple, right? If you haven’t tried customizing your camping chair yet, we suggest you do it soon. It’ll make you want to personalize everything else you own too!

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