How to Store Camping Chairs: 8 Practical Tips

Camping chairs are an excellent investment for those who enjoy spending time outside. Moreover, for your camping chairs to survive longer and function effectively, they must be safely kept. In this article, we’ll show you the best way to store camp chairs so you can enjoy them for the following years!

Camping chairs are relaxing and you can use them for cooking or lounging on them as you fall into dreamland. Some of the best options to help you focus on saving areas while keeping your camping chairs in decent condition:

how to store camping chairs

Storing the camping chairs on the rack

There are several kinds of stands for storing camping chairs. On one hand, a wall-mounted rack is an excellent option if you have minimal room because it can be positioned on the wall and takes up no extra space. 

On the other hand, an alternative that you can use indoors and outdoors is a freestanding rack. If you’re going to store the chairs outside, get a waterproof rack.

Once you’ve decided on a rack, it’s time to begin loading the chairs. Begin by securing the thickest chairs to the rack’s bottom. This will assist in keeping the stand aligned and preventing it from tipping over.

Hanging the camping chairs on the wall

Hanging your camping chairs on the wall is one way of storing them in the driveway. This could save you a lot of room and is extremely simple! 

All you require are some metal hooks and screws. First, make measurements of your wall and then label the location of the hooks. Next, put holes in the wall where you marked them, then screw the hooks. 

After that, hang your camping chairs from the hooks. You may need to use a little force to keep them in place, but they should be fine.

Storing the camping chairs in the cabinet

Using a cabinet to store camping chairs is one of the top choices. Here are a few recommendations for keeping the unit in a cabinet:

  • Before putting away your chair, make sure the cabinet is perfectly clean as well as dry
  • Put your camping chair in a carrier bag before stashing it in a cupboard. This will aid in keeping it nice and clean
  • Make sure the cabinet is very well aerated to prevent mildew from growing on your camping chair
  • Keep your camping chair away from any pointy items that could pierce the fibers

Storing the camping chairs in a drum

If you can easily take apart your camping chair, then: 

  • Detach the camping chair’s legs and other removable pieces; fold the unit as compactly as possible
  • In a tidy, dry barrel, put the folded camping chair
  •  Store the drum in a dry place after securely sealing it

Storing the camping chairs in a car

There are many factors that you need to consider when you have to put the chair in your car or truck. First, before storing the chairs, make sure they are dry and clean. It will aid in the prevention of mildew and other humidity concerns. Moreover, consider the extra room you have in your vehicle. 

If you have a smaller vehicle, you may need to curl up the chairs to save room. Finally, keep in mind to fasten the chairs so they don’t shift from their place. This can help to keep the chairs and your car in good condition.

Storing the camping chairs under a workbench

One of the most problematic aspects of camping is dragging all of your equipment around. Hence, you must ensure that your workbench is large enough to accommodate the furniture. Apart from this, make sure the area beneath your workbench does not have any obstacles.

Storing the camping chairs underneath the stairway

If you have additional space underneath your storage shed’s stairway, use it. It is a fantastic place to keep your camping chairs. Moreover, it will be very convenient and won’t take too much room.

Storing the camping chairs under your bed

In case you don’t have enough storage room or merely want to keep your chairs out of sight when they are not in use, putting them away beneath your bed is a good alternative. 

Ensure your camping chairs are clean and tidy before storing them beneath your bed. If the camping chairs have recently been used, wipe them with a slightly wet cloth to remove debris and dirt particles. 

Then, fold them and put them in a locker or bin once they’re spotless. However, if you don’t have a specific storage box, any huge container or box will be enough.

Storing the camping chairs behind the dressers

Simply move your dresser forward, and you’ll have plenty of space behind it! 

You can easily conceal your bendable camping chairs here. However, it would be best if you remembered not to cram all of the chairs together closely because this will be hard to remove, but it may also cause damage to the camping chairs.

Storing the camping chairs beside the washing machine

Typically, the edges of the washing machine have enough extra room for us to attach them up quickly. However, we must perform an additional task here: we must place clothing over the camping chairs to prevent dust from accumulating and destroying the charm of these homely camping chairs.

Helpful tips

A few valuable guidelines apply regardless of which storage method you choose for your camping chairs. 

To begin, you may also want to look into getting a few protective covers for your camping chairs. It will keep dirt, spills, and debris accumulating on the chairs. Lastly, choose the correct size, as those too small or too large for your camping chairs will not be successful at keeping dirt particles at bay.

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