TREKOLOGY YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair Review

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After a long day of hiking/ camping, a comfortable spot to sit down is the best way to treat you. However, when you look around the market to find something that would benefit you in the long run, you come across so much diversity that it may leave you scratching your head. 


The TREKOLOGY YIZI GO camping chair is an option you need to consider if you seek something that delivers performance and comfort. 

Summary – Verdict

Our Rating: 92%

YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair - Compact Ultralight Folding Backpacking Chairs, Small Collapsible...
  • Brand New Upgraded Design with Your COMFORT in Mind! The new YIZI GO design is...


  • The assembly of the chair is very straightforward, and it only takes a few minutes to set it up without requiring any tools completely
  • The Fabric and frame material of the chair ensures that it can withstand different temperature conditions
  • The frame of the chair ensures stability
  • A lightweight chair that offers excellent support
  • The chair is extremely sturdy, comfortable, and secure
  • The chair’s compact design makes it easier for the user to carry it around using the carry bag. It also makes it easier to store the chair when it is not in use
  • The chair only weighs around 2.1 lbs; thus, it is lightweight. So, you won’t have a problem carrying during your hiking, camping trip with other luggage


  • For some users, the chair might prove to be a bit lower than other option

Key Features

  • Foldable design
  • Loop design makes it easy to assemble 
  • Side pockets to store small essential items
  • 39 cm chair height from the ground offers a comfortable and relaxing spot
  • The total weight of the chair, including the bag, is around 2.1 lbs. 
  • It comes with a storage 
  • The fabric material is Mesh
  • The frame material is aluminum
  • The overall dimensions of the chair:- 19 inches (Width) x 12 inches (depth) x 28 inches (height)
  • Easy Portability
  • It takes seconds to set up properly

Detailed Review

Although the market of camping chairs has countless options that the buyers can choose, it’s essential to select something that proves to be valuable for the money. TREKOLOGY YIZI GO portable chair is an option for everyone, and it is a camping chair that prioritizes functionality, comfort, and durability. It has a lightweight and compact design, making it easier to carry around and set up within seconds. The chair offers excellent lower back support with the deeper seat fabric. It contains breathable Mesh panels at each side, which increase the airflow if you take it out on a hot day as it keeps you cooler

One concern of many buyers is the chair’s weight that needs to be lower as a heavier chair is challenging to carry, particularly on a camping or a hiking trip. The chair tackles such a situation by being lightweight and having a compact design that the buyer can easily pack and carry in the storage bag. The chair only weighs around 2 pounds which means it won’t burden you as you move through different terrains.

In terms of the chair’s material, there are two things that you need to notice: the fabric and the frame. The chair contains durable and robust aluminum alloys that aircraft manufacturers use. The frame is responsible for providing durable and sturdy support with a weight-bearing capacity of 135 kg. The chair’s fabric is 600D polyester seat fabric with double reinforced V stitch that is both resilient and flexible, and machine washable. 

 The chair does not require any tool for assembly. The user can set it up within seconds as it’s a single-piece unit with lightweight poles of aluminum and a hand guide connection. Another major benefit of the chair is that you can easily transport and store it when you want. Furthermore, it comes with a durable 600D storage back that can attach to the mainframe of the seat with tight pack straps. You can use it to store various essentials that you carry during the hiking/camping journey. The versatile design of the chair makes it one of the best choices in the category.

What Users Say

The chair has a broad buyer base that loves it and labels it as the best camping chair they have ever had. 

A user has particularly pointed at the versatility of the chair stating that you can also use them as patio furniture or even indoors, stating, “I’ve had this style of chair for a couple of years now, and they go EVERYWHERE with me.”

Another user states that this is one of the complete chairs providing several features that you can ask. He states that the chair is smaller than the other types he’s tried, making it easy to carry. Furthermore, its portable sizes make it a good fit for the campervan. The frame is straightforward to erect with the tubes fitting the nylon mountings without any stiffness


Can I use these chairs in my backyard?

The user can use the chairs anywhere as they weigh next to nothing and are incredibly comfortable with an attractive design.

Are the chairs easy to set up?

You can easily set up the chair within seconds without requiring any tool.

Does it offer easy portability?

The chair is one of the best when it comes to portability. It comes with a varied bag that allows you to take it anywhere very conveniently.


Overall, TREKOLOGY YIZI GO chair offers everything from comfort, portability to functionality that any camper or hiker would dream of. The chair also has an attractive design allowing the buyer to use it at various places like a BBQ party or backyard.  

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