Vango Thor Over-Sized Chair Review

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A camping chair is essential for outdoor activities. Whether you want to take it for a camping trip or outdoor party, the chairs are an excellent choice for a quick seating spot. However, you need to choose the right product to ensure its value for the money.

Vango Thor Over-Sized

Summary – Verdict

Our Rating: 95%

Vango Thor Over-Sized Chair, Excalibur - X-Large [Amazon Exclusive]
  • Over-sized design with extra wide seating area for additional comfort
  • 600D polyester padded seat and backrest
  • Wraparound design


  • The chair offers a high comfort level
  • Suitable for not just camping but also as patio furniture
  • It provides excellent back support and removes the strain of it ensuring a comfortable resting position
  • The chair’s over-sized designs make it suitable for tall people as it provides more space for accessible seating
  • The chair provides multi-purpose usage. It can be used indoors and outdoors without any setback
  • The best frame material of the chair ensures all-weather sustenance. It means that you won’t have to worry about the changing weather conditions when on a trip
  • The stability of the chair is another benefit. Considering that it’s an outdoor chair suitable for camping, the terrains out there are also different, thus making it difficult for other chairs to provide the level of stability guaranteed.
  • The chair is also incredibly lightweight and easy to carry as it has a compact design
  • It comes with a carrying bag which makes packing and transporting easier


  • For some users, the chair is heavier compared to other options in the market

Key Features

  • The chair has an over-sized design with an extra-wide seat providing maximum comfort
  • A foldable chair that the user can easily carry over long distances
  • The frame of the chair is made of Alloy Steel
  • The cloth material is 600D polyester
  • The chair is entirely padded and has a backrest to provide extra back support
  • The maximum load-bearing capacity of the chair is 180 kgs.
  • The Vango Duo weave fabric ensures the chair sustainability in all weather conditions
  • The chair weighs around 6.300 kgs
  • The Dimensions of the chair are 105 x 30 x 25 
  • Foldable chair with a compact size 
  • It also comes with a carry bag making

Detailed Review

Vango Thor Chair is one of the best camping chairs that you can come across. Its oversized design and high comfort level put it at the top of the game. Whether it’s a summit on the campsite or a hiking trip to the mountains, the chair is suitable for everyone. Many users use the chair as patio furniture or even indoors, which means that it has something unique to offer. The chair has a solid and stable design with a weight-bearing capacity of 180 kg, which means substantial and resilient.  Plus, the oversized design ensures extra seating is available, making it easier for people with different body dimensions to fit in.

In terms of quality, the chair’s frame contains Alloy steel, and the fabric material is Duo Weave Fabric (Polyester) which ensures longevity with maximum comfort. Another thing that a lot of campers and users notice is the stability of the chair. Considering that different family members most likely can use it, it needs to sustain different weight categories. 

Another thing that is extremely important when it comes to hiking chairs is the dimensions. Since you have to carry the chair as part of your luggage and if it is too heavy, it will put a lot of strain on your back, making it difficult to carry and you will get tired pretty quick. To ensure you don’t find yourself fin such a situation, you need to check the chair’s dimensions when you pack it up.  The Vango Thor chair has a foldable compact size which makes it very easy to carry.  Furthermore, its dimensions are also suitable for carrying it over long distances.

What Users Say

Overall the product is an excellent choice, offering resilience and quality. Many buyers share their thoughts of the chair and the different things they like in it.

A user says that although the chair is expensive, it is the most comfortable one out there; his exact words state that “ahhh so, so, comfortable. I’m quite tall, and this is the very first camp chair that won’t give me a backache.”

Another appreciates the substantial height of the chair along with the stability it provides, stating that “Excellent comfort and size and looks to be very sturdy.”

Another buyer writes about the durability of the chair, stating that “I have had it for a couple of years, well built.”


What is the back height of the chair?

The height of the chair’s back is around 50 cm, and it provides excellent back support

Does the chair sink in the sand?

The chair does sink in sand a little but nothing substantial. It is one of the best and most stable chairs, although a bit bulky

What are the dimensions of the chair when it opens up?

The Dimensions of the chair when it opens up are 53cm area across the seat and 87cm total width


Overall the chair is of excellent quality and ideal for campers looking for something that provides space and durability. You might find it bulky, but the rest of the features are exceptional and ideal for camping and hiking trips.  

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