What Are the Holes in Camping Chairs For?

These days, the internet is a massive stronghold of valuable tips, tricks, hacks and information. Specific online platforms have been doing a great job distributing these hacks, with TikTok being the most successful. We’ve learned quite a few, from ways to fold clothes to cooking complicated recipes in a few easy steps quickly. The most recent shocker is:  what are the holes in camping chairs for?

What Are The Holes In Camping Chairs For

And while this specific hack might not have anything to do with cooking, you’ll most certainly end up running to your fold-up camp chairs to check if it’s real. So, if you wish to make your next camping expedition more fun and accessible, how about giving this one trick a go!

First of all, what is a camping chair?

The simplest explanation I can give is that it is a stackable, foldable, or inflatable seating gear with a backrest that you can utilize in multiple outdoor situations. There are many different types of these so-called camping chairs that vary significantly in size or style.

The only common feature that camping chair shares are that you can make them smaller for traveling. Also, these chairs have a specific design catered for use in the outdoors, whether it is in yards, parks, landscapes, beaches, and tents.

North Americans tend to distinguish between camping and backpacking chairs. Meanwhile, a camping chair is not frequently referred to as a backpacking chair in the UK. So, we’ll be referring to all foldable or collapsible outdoor chairs as camping chairs here in this blog.

Is a camp chair essential for camping?

Yes, indeed! Camping chairs are the most critical equipment for any camping trip, behind tents and tables. When we go camping, a camper requires a chair throughout most of the trip. So, whether you have a barbecue or just resting, a good chair is a must.

Not only that, but camping chairs are pretty versatile and can be helpful in different outdoor activities. They can satisfy people’s need for rest during various outdoor scenarios like picnicking, fishing, biking, mountaineering, hiking, and camping. Rather than sitting in a wet spot, a comfy and portable camp chair can significantly improve your camping experience.

So, what are the holes in a camping chair for?

You might have been aware of them before, but you wouldn’t have given them much thought. However, if you gaze closely, there are tiny holes present on the feet of most camping chairs. These small divots have a pretty nifty use that’s ideal if you want to stay safe in the sun during your travels.

One savvy camper, @bonktz71, recently shared a very intriguing video. It exposed the unfamiliar use of these holes that would otherwise allow most of us to relax without hiding from the sun every other minute. The video has been shared on the online media platform TikTok. It displayed a camping chair and an umbrella being put together in unholy matrimony to create the ultimate relaxation zone.

The person filming the video started with a vacant camping chair in only three quick motions. Then they popped open an umbrella and slid its pole between the seat and its armrest. What happened next was a wonderful surprise, as the cameraman fit the base flawlessly into the hole in the foot of the chair. Voila! You have a convenient, portable chair that always gives you shade regardless of you!

The video title was: “Never knew this….” It garnered over five million views and nearly a million likes. Commenters were enthralled by this new hack, with one saying: “My life has forever changed for the better.”

How TikTok has become a hub for camping hacks and more

The viral video application TikTok has been gaining a ton of traction now that it’s become a popular spot to divulge information on a massive scale. People are now sharing multiple tips and tricks around the globe.

Recently, users have been gathering more information on different topics. These include learning how to make a gourmet dessert using a cheap store-bought cake or filling up your ice trays without spilling water all over the sides.

Camping is about making lemons out of lemonade. You have to make the best of any situation, and this hack did just that. Some people could still be on the prowl for other ways to improve their experiences in the great outdoors. There’s plenty more to look for out there for such hack enthusiasts!

You could take a shower with a watering can or design a makeshift pulley structure. You can even avoid the glare of your spotlight by pointing the light into a jug that contains water to filter the illumination. In addition, there’s an abundance of handy camping tips and tricks online that can make your camping tricks a breeze!

What other camping chair hacks are there?

While the hole hack has taken the internet by storm, you’d be surprised to know that there are many more valuable tips and hacks for camping chairs. Here are some other ones you may not have heard of before:

  • Unless you’re going to a simple concert, move your camp chair into your tent when leaving your campsite. Otherwise, it can get stolen, especially in populated cities or events. Also, it can help if you have a nice tent with a living space.
  • If your camp chair gets wet, place it upside down. The water then drips off so that the chair can dry faster.
  • Many people like keeping their feet up on the armrests of their chairs. Others also let friends or kids sit on their knees while sitting in their chairs. That said, don’t do it. While camping chairs are typically sturdy, repeatedly putting heavy weight on the base or armrests can weaken the chair over time, reducing its lifespan.

Well, that’s it. Hopefully, you all found it interesting to know what the holes in camping chairs are for. You can find a ton of other unique hacks and tips online, so happy searching!

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